Data & Demographics

Listed below are links to demographic and research data about Broome County's older population. This data is presented to assist agencies, businesses, and service providers in planning and developing programs and services that will improve the lives of older adults, their families, and those who care for them.

Mathematica 2008 Broome County Survey Results

In 2002 and 200, Mathematica, Inc., with Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Community Partnerships for Older Adults funding, conducted a survey of Broome County older adults. Using random sampling, Mathematica interviewed adults age 50 and older and reported results for the entire sample while also breaking out the responses for those considered vulnerable. By Mathematica's definitions:

Vulnerable adults fit into the following categories:

(1) are of advanced age (75 or older); or
(2) are ages 60 to 74 and meet at least one of the following criteria:
(a) need help bathing;
(b) use a cane, walker, or wheelchair;
(c) rate their health as fair or poor;
(d) are afraid to be alone for more than two hours; or
(e) have a chronic health problem, such as diabetes, heart or lung problems, stroke, or kidney failure.
Non-vulnerable adults are defined as respondent’s age 50 to 75 who do not fit the criteria for vulnerable adults.

Click here for a summary of Broome County and a summary of all eight Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grantee communities. (The first set of tables contains results for all eight communities combined, and the second set contains results for Broome County, alone.)

Click here for a summary of select Broome County findings (Word document).

Data On Seniors In Broome County Presentation [ pdf ] [ ppt ]

Select statistics from the 200 Census and 2002 Mathematica survey. Some data presented in graphical format.

A Profile of Broome County's Older Population

The Older Population

At the start of the decade, 41,542 people age 60 and older resided in Broome County according to 2000 US Census figures. The elderly population represents 20.7% of the total population of Broome County.

In New York State, those age 60 and older make up 16.9% of the total population. Broome County's population concentration of elders ranks 6th among the 63 counties of the state, including New York City. [ Report (html) ] [ Report (pdf) ]