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Appreciative Inquiry: is the study of what gives life to human systems when they are at their best. For example: by embracing AI, the Partnership can be proud of its original plans for improving the lives of seniors, and comfortable when those plans must be altered to accommodate different, often better options.
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Print Ads:

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Media Files:

  • Depression & Seniors: 30 second TV spot about this common medical condition that can be easily managed. (WMV, 2MB)
  • Depression & Seniors: 30 second radio spot about this common, treatable, medical condition. (MP3, 1MB)
  • AF TV Commercial: 30 second TV spot highlighting how we are creatively meeting the needs of our aging population. (WMV, 1MB)
  • AF Radio Spot: 45 second audio spot highlighting the projects of the Partnership. (MP3, 2MB)
  • Stay Connected - Stay Well Campaign

Four short TV segments offer reasons why it is important to keep in touch with others and suggestions on how to Stay Connected - Stay Well.