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Chronic Conditions Management and Wellness Workgroup

Chronic Conditions Management and Wellness Workgroup is responsible for several new projects including Strike Out Stroke, and the Senior Mood Improvement through Lifestyle and Education program (SMILE). They are also exploring other community based initiatives including falls prevention.

If you are interested in participating in this workgroup please call DeeDee Camp at 607.778.2064 or 607.778.2411.

Communications Workgroup

Coming Soon!

Data and Evaluation Workgroup

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Professional Education Workgroup

Professional Education Workgroup promotes systems change by encouraging an open exchange of ideas and information among aging services providers as well as providing training that support collaboration and mutual understanding.

Trainings to date include:

  • Marketing A Message: Effective Social Marketing to Older Adults, November 2004
  • Housing Trends and Development Plans, March 2005
  • Practical Approaches to Dealing with Disruptive and Alienating Behaviors, September 2005
  • Senior Transportation: Options, Needs & Challenges, May 2006

To suggest a training topic please call Joan Sprague at 607.778.6145 or 607.778.2411.

Social Connections Workgroup

Social Connections Workgroup has designed several educational and social marketing materials intended to help older persons recognize and understand the importance and benefits of staying connected and maintaining relationships in later years.

Social Connections for Senior Women … Women Sharing, Women Caring is a program operated by Broome County Council of Churches which promotes friendship and social connections among its members. Participants share ideas, experiences and concerns as they develop support and companionship. If you are interested in participating in one of these groups call Joanne at 607.724.9130 x304.

Watch the clips below for things to do to foster friendships, and for resources for classes, exercise, senior centers, and using public transportation to get to activities. Click below to watch TV segments of local professionals supporting the value of these relationships.

If you are interested in participating in this workgroup please call Joan Sprague at 607.778.6145 or 607.778.2411.

Stay Connected - Stay Well Campaign

Social Connections are especially important as we age.

Stay Connected - Stay Well: Opportunites for You (pdf, 409k)
Stay Connected - Stay Well: Ideas, Activities & Fun Things To Do (pdf, 368k)
Stay Connected - Stay Well: Explore Volunteering (pdf, 110k)

Four short TV segments offer reasons why it is important to keep in touch with others and suggestions on how to Stay Connected - Stay Well.
'Health Reasons' - Dr. Shawn Berkowitz (WMV, 4.9MB)
'Volunteering' - Tammy Hodges (WMV, 4.2MB)
'Keep Learning' - Paul Chambers (WMV, 3.6MB)
'Disabilities' - Steve Brozost (WMV, 3.5MB)