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Binghamton NY-PA Metropolitan Planning Area

Broome County Pavement Condition Ratings 2015

Broome County Functional Classification of Roads 2014

Broome County AADT 2014

Broome County Bicycle/Pedestrian Facilities 2014

Tioga County AADT and Pavement Condition Ratings 2015

Tioga County Functional Classification and Bicycle/Pedestrian Facilities 2014

Bicycle Route Map - Greater Binghamton Area    3rd Edition! 

  • This map was developed to inform cyclists about access to points of interest and common destinations; to encourage more people to bicycle; and to educate cyclists about their rights and responsibilities as roadway users.
  • In June of 1996, the Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study (BMTS) Policy Committee approved the BMTS Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan. A high priority action of this plan's implementation schedule was to create a system of on-road signed bicycle routes throughout the Binghamton Urbanized Area. The system was designed to be a continuous network linking residential, commercial, and business districts; educational institutions, major employment sites, and recreational areas. In addition to signing routes, the project called for the production of a bicycle route map. The third edition of the bicycle route map was completed during March 2011.
  • This project was funded by the Federal Highway Administration Surface Transportation Program.
  • Bicyclists must remain alert to traffic and changing road conditions, and assume the risk for their own safety. Bicyclists are urged to choose facilities that are suitable for their individual cycling skills.
  • Bicycle Safety Tips and Information (Side 2 of bike map)