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Brennan lifts State of Emergency

Broome County Executive Pat Brennan announced today that the state of Emergency has been lifted.

“The State of Emergency in effect in the County of Broome since it was declared on September 7, 2011 due to the historic flooding from the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee is now rescinded. The State of Emergency had been declared due to emergency conditions produced by severe flooding,” Brennan’s order stated.

The state of emergency could be lifted today for two reasons. First, because the emergency shelter the county had been operating closed on Wednesday, December 14th. And, the County Legislature, last night, authorized repairs of county infrastructure damaged in the flood. Brennan initially asked the Legislature to authorize those repairs at their meeting on September 29th. Because of this, Brennan issued an emergency order on September 30th directing county departments to make repairs to the county’s roads, bridges, culverts, etc. Repairs of county infrastructure have been ongoing as a result of the emergency order.

12/16/2011 - 4:19pm