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Broome County Fair Kicks Off July 27th in Whitney Point

(Whitney Point, NY)  Broome County Executive Barbara J. Fiala is delighted to share information about this year’s Broome County Fair which is set to once again take place at the Whitney Point Fairgrounds. The following is a promotional item from fair organizers highlighting the major attractions at this year’s event.

Don’t miss the 136th annual Broome County Fair , July 27th through August 1st at the Whitney Point Fairgrounds. Grounds are open daily eleven to ten. This year’s Fair will bring thrills and cheers to children of all ages. Bring the family to the Fair. For more information go online to .
          The Fair excites the young and the young at heart with thrilling rides, startling sights, and crunching sounds. After your stomach settles from seeing your world turned upside-down on the Midway carnival rides, and you have won a carnival prize by mastering the projectile arts of tossing a ping pong ball into a glass bowl, throwing a dart at a balloon, or shooting a BB at a moving target, you should look for the Fair’s new offerings.
            This year’s magical Broome County Fair features the mysterious magician, “Magical John,” whose juggling, and gravity-defying stilt dance will leave you wondering if you are seeing things. While producing objects out of thin air, he magically places smiles on all who stare in disbelief.  You may have seen Mark Watson ply an inert block of wood into an artwork before your eyes, just as he did before on David Letterman, but have you seen Buffalo Barfield’s Unheard of Entertainment? This premier comedy and variety act blends the melodies of Country, Pop, Bluegrass, 50’s, 60’s Motown and Beach music with the slapstick styling’s of “P. Doodle Possum”.
            When your stomach has finally settled down from the rides and you’ve had a deep fried pickle or deep fried Oreo cookie, take your place in the stands to watch the unbelievable Miniature Horses. They will also put a smile onto your face. This new attraction promises to surprise you as well. So much energy in such little bundles of muscle! You will blink and blink again as you try to imagine what magical maneuver could have made these powerful little horses so small!
Again, for all of the detailed information about the fair and its schedule of events, check out .


07/12/2010 - 1:15pm