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Electronic Filing Goes Mandatory in Broome County

By an Administrative Order of the Chief Administrative Judge for the Court (AO/224/16), Broome County becomes the next NYS county to require that documents presented for filing with the Broome County Clerk be done electronically as of October 19, 2016 (e-filed).  There are, however, some exceptions:

Consensual E-Filing Permitted

  • CPLR Article 70 Proceedings
  • CPLR Article 78 Proceedings
  • Emergency Medical Treatment applications
  • Matrimonial Matters
  • Mental Hygiene Law Matters
  • Name Change applications
  • Residential Foreclosure Actions RPAPL 1304
  • RPAPL 730 Proceedings
  • Consumer Credit Transactions CPLR 105(f)

Election Law proceedings ARE NOT ELIGIBLE for e-filing.

Any and all other case types are MANDATORY except for pro-se litigants.

There is a new Application for Index Number that MUST be filed with ALL hard copy submissions.  DO NOT SCAN IT INTO NYSCEF.

Two other new forms must be used to opt out of e-filing:

EFM 2 - Notice of Opt-Out From Participation in Action Subject to Mandatory Electronic Filing.  This MUST be filed once per every new Index Number.

EFM 3 - Notice of Hard Copy Submission in an E-Filed Case.  This MUST be filed with every document after an opt-out form is filed.

To begin electronic filing please contact NYSCEF directly at the Resource Center by calling 1-646-386-3033 or on their website: and they will get you started.

This is an exciting time for the County Clerk's Office and the NYS Unified Courts as we move forward.  We appreciate your patience and cooperation during the transition.