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Broome County Comprehensive Plan - Building our Future


Welcome to the page for the Broome County Comprehensive Plan.  Through this effort, Broome County developed a vision, set a series of goals, and laid out the steps to achieving those goals for our county.  We worked on issues like open space, infrastructure, land use, water resources, and jobs.  It was a collaborative, community wide effort.  We are pleased that the plan was unanimously adopted by the Broome County Legislature December 2013.


The Vision

Imagine that you are a resident of Broome County ten years from now.  The plan you helped write is a complete success.  How do you think Broome County will be different? Will we be more prosperous, creative, healthy, vibrant, walkable, clean, safe, attractive, family friendly, current or innovative?  By preparing a vision statement, we help chart the course for our community.  Although the plan is not complete, we have prepared a draft vision statement.  In writing this statement, we drew upon the feedback we got from the community through public meetings, a survey and stakeholder interviews.  The vision statement reads:

"Our residents make BroomeCounty an inviting place to live, work and play.  Our students and young professionals are fully engaged in the community.  We take pride in our safe, vibrant and attractive urban and village centers and the scenic beauty that surrounds our rural towns and villages.  Because we proactively invested in our legacy sites, new ventures now flourish on former brownfields. Our healthy communities are sustained because municipalities have made a commitment to high standards in community services and building design and renovation.

BroomeCounty communities remain strong and resilient in the wake of natural disasters and other challenges through our capacity for cooperation and by incorporating sound planning in all facets of public decision making.

With our partners in education, BroomeCounty invests in our workforce, entrepreneurship, and innovation to continue our legacy as a leader in high technology development.  As the birthplace of IBM and the simulation industry, we know the importance of fostering diverse, newly emerging industries such as renewable and clean energy, green technology, and advanced healthcare."

Table of Contents



Land and Water

Cultural Resources

Land Use  

Land Use Map
Transportation Corridor Map
Brownfields Map
FEMA DFIRM Changes Map
FEMA Buyouts Map
Public Water and Sewer Map
Slope Map
Countywide Zoning Map

Open Space
Water Resources



Economic Profile

Workforce Profile

Target Industry Analysis

Real Estate Assessment 

Incentive Evaluation

Economic Development Recommendations


The Plan

Action Plan
Action Plan Table


Summary of Survey Results

Steering Committee

Elaine MillerBroome County Department of Planning and Economic Development
Cyndi PaddickBinghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study
Kathy BunnellBroome County Office for the Aging
John BlackBroome County Legislature
Ron HartingMayor, Village of Windsor
David DownsMayor, Village of Whitney Point
Charles McElweeBroome County Soil and Water Conservation District
Erin HeardUpper Susquehanna Coalition
William HeavisideEnvironmental Management Council
Bijoy DattaBroome County Executive Office
Paul NelsonTown of Union Department of Planning
Caroline QuidortCity of Binghamton Department of Planning
Claudia EdwardsBroome County Department of Health
Richard D'AttilioBroome County Industrial Development Agency
Beth RobertsCornell Cooperative Extension
Terry KaneBinghamton University
Dr. Kevin DrummBroome Community College
Erik MillerSouthern Tier East Regional Planning and Development Board
Daniel SchofieldBroome County Acting Public Works
Carl BeardsleyBroome County Aviation
Terry StarkBroome County Workforce Development


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