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HUD Lead Hazard Control Program

(BINGHAMTON, NY) – On August 3, 2011, First Ward Action Council (FWAC) will begin accepting applications for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Lead Hazard Control Program in Broome County. 

In April, the Broome County Health Department was awarded a $2.1 million federal grant to control lead paint hazards and address health issues in local low-income housing. The Health Department is partnering with local community-based non-profit organization First Ward Action Council to enroll and remediate over 100 properties in need of lead hazard control work, primarily within the City of Binghamton. 
Lead poisoning is a pervasive public health problem throughout the United States. Last year in Broome County alone, 45 children were poisoned and hundreds more were exposed, putting each child at risk for irreversible, lifelong learning disabilities, behavioral problems, and other serious health issues.
Grants will be available in the form of five-year forgivable loans for both rental and owner-occupied housing units built before 1978. To be eligible, units must house at least one child age 6 or younger or a pregnant woman. Residents must also meet HUD’s income guidelines. The property must have no major structural defects, and the owner must be current on all taxes, utility bills, and mortgages. 

Trained contractors will be selected to do the work based on a competitive bidding process. Remediation work may include painting, enclosure, removal, and replacement of surfaces and components that contain lead.  An average of $11,000 may be available per unit for remediation, but actual amounts will vary based on the scope of work to be completed.

HUD requires that priority is given to homes where young children have been poisoned, exposed to toxic lead dust and/or chipping/peeling paint. Housing units currently under citation for lead paint hazards will also be given priority to enroll in the program.

For more information or to fill out an application, please contact First Ward Action Council at 607.772.2850 or the Broome County Health Department at 607.778.2809. Trained and certified contractors interested in bidding on HUD jobs should also contact FWAC about joining their lead-based paint contractor list. 

08/01/2011 - 8:13am