Preston Outlines her Vision for the Future of Broome County

Binghamton, NY – Broome County Executive Debbie Preston presented her annual State of the County Address tonight, presenting her vision of the future of our community.

“This past year was a difficult one not only for me personally, but also our community,” says Broome County Executive Debbie Preston.  “But we are a resilient people and we will bounce back and reach even greater heights.”


After outlining a number of accomplishments from last year, Preston outlined plans for the coming year, including:

-          Working with companies to expand in our community

-          Creation of Corporate Park near the Airport

-          Job Creation Incubators

-          State Competition

Economic Development and Jobs

Last year, Preston worked with two local businesses, ADEC Solutions and Mountain Fresh Dairy, to expand their operations in our community.  Those companies will create jobs while expanding operations into our community.  Preston also mentioned another company, EMT, expanding operations into the Town of Union.  It purchased the assets of the former Endicott Machine and Tool, keeping all current jobs with plans of creating new jobs over the next couple of years.

“We are working with several other companies on expansion plans as well. I wish I could provide more specifics at this time but we are still ironing out the details. I can tell you that these expansions will create job opportunities for hundreds of employees, as well as exciting careers and opportunities for the next generation of our workforce,” Preston says.

Airport Corporate Park

Preston announced the County will break ground this spring on a project to bring water, sewer and utilities to the airport corridor.  This is the first step in creating a corporate park near the airport, by providing shovel ready sites for businesses looking to expand into our community.


“These shovel ready sites will attract companies which will not only position us to bring hundreds of jobs but millions of dollars in revenue and economic development,” says Preston.

Job Creation Incubators

Later this year, construction will begin on the brand new Southern Tier High Tech Incubator that will be the home for technology development and for the creation of technology jobs in the area.


Recently, the County moved the former Greater Binghamton Innovation Center to a new location on Court Street and gave control of the operation to the Broome County IDA.

It’ll now be called the Center, Built for Small Business Growth and it’s a move that will save County taxpayers at least $60,000 a year.

“Moving this incubator to the IDA makes sense because that organization is better suited to help businesses succeed,” Preston says.  “On top of that, it’ll save money for our taxpayers while continuing to help build business ideas in our community.”


State Competition

The Governor has outlined a new program that will provide 3 regions with $500 million each. As a voting member of the Southern Tier Regional Economic Development Council, Preston is working with community business partners, towns, villages, the City and the rest of our region to develop a compelling plan.


Preston outlined how the state of transformation has already begun in this community.  It started in the City of Binghamton and has advanced to Johnson City with the new pharmacy school, which the County hopes will become a magnet for pharmaceutical companies to invest in Johnson City, where cutting edge technology will meet education. Endicott will soon follow where companies will begin to reinvest in the strong technology base that is developing there.


“This is all part of the transformative plan we are developing for this community. It’s time for action and our fight for this money will only be successful with your help, ideas and input. We need to develop our own ideas.

There’s not one person to blame for the state of our community, and there’s not one person who is going to change things,” she says.




02/26/2015 - 6:06pm