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Preston, Pasquale & Heebner Institute New Vehicles Policy & Send 21 County Vehicles To Auction

(Binghamton, NY) – Broome County Executive Debbie Preston Thursday announced details of a new Assigned Vehicle Policy regarding the fleet of County vehicles.  She was joined by Legislators Matt Pasquale (R-Endicott) and Ron Heebner (R-Johnson City).


“We must address our bloated fleet of vehicles,” said Preston.  “Some vehicles are being used for more than County business; this has resulted in unnecessary fuel and maintenance costs.”


The New Policy is comprised of Four Steps, which will cut the fleet of vehicles by 10%.


1.      Reduce Take-Home Vehicles by 25%, resulting in fuel and maintenance savings of $10,000 annually.


2.      Purge 21 vehicles from the fleet to be sold at auction.

·         These vehicles come from several Departments including:  Public Works, Social Services, Engineering, Parks, Probation, Risk and the Sheriff.


3.      Institute a Regular Driver Program, saving the County $47,395 annually, or $237,000 over five years.

·         Ten County Managers will no longer have use of a County vehicle.

·         They will instead use their own vehicle and receive a monthly stipend.

·         Preston and Deputies Bijoy Datta and John Bernardo will forgo use of any vehicle or any stipend for additional savings.


4.      Cap the growth of the fleet at the reduced levels.

·         Only necessary “work vehicles” will be purchased over the next few years.


A total of 21 cars will be sent to auction, to bring further savings to taxpayers.  The total savings of these initiatives will save the County in excess of $400,000 over five years.



"As Chairman of the Public Works and Transportation Committee, I'm pleased that we've been able to reduce the County fleet of vehicles and the number of take home vehicles even further." said Legislator Matt Pasquale.  "Thank you to County Executive Debbie Preston for her leadership on this issue which will save taxpayers money."


“Last year we investigated and offered suggestions on how to improve oversight on the use of County vehicles," said Legislator Ron Heebner.  "I'm pleased to be here today to announce that we're continuing the progress we started last year."


Two of the vehicles to be auctioned came from the Sheriff’s Office.


“It is important to continually look for cost-saving measures,” said the Sheriff’s Office.  “Our office watches out for taxpayers’ interests in the budget, just as we do on patrol throughout the County.”


Preston and the Legislature will closely monitor the new policy and implement additional savings when possible.



02/24/2012 - 12:27pm