Windsor Students Donate Stuffed Animals to Aid Foster Children

 (BINGHAMTON-NY) Today, officials from the Department of Social Services received hundreds of stuffed animals and other items from students at Windsor Middle School, who started a collection campaign after learning about foster care in health class. Gail Lamond, a health teacher at Windsor, spearheaded the effort with her students who were motivated to help children cope with unfortunate circumstances.

Gail Lamond explained how the project started through a drug presentation in her classroom. “It showed a small child being taken to safety by a police officer, from a meth. lab, which was his home,” she shared. “The boy was not allowed to bring any of his belongings with him. I wanted to think of something my students could relate to so I thought of the stuffed animals. DCPS told us about blankets and books being needed also. So, the collection began and grew and grew!”
Julia Hepworth- Jurena, Director of Child Protective Services applauded the students’ efforts and contributions. “The student’s and faculty’s generosity will give needed support to children who are transitioning into new homes,” said Hepworth.   

The middle school students were excited to hand over the items they collected. "It felt great to know that I could change the world by just a little bit,” said 8th grade student Anna Gibson. “It is awesome to do something good for children less fortunate than myself."
“The student’s commitment and compassion demonstrated throughout this collection process is a testament to their character,” said Scott Beattie, MS Principal. “Academics are important, but the significance of any success in the academic arena is lost, if our students do not grow to become positive contributing members to the community around them.”
Principal Beattie also acknowledged Mrs. Lamond’s role with the campaign.  “We are fortunate to have a teacher like Mrs. Lamond who seized an opportunity to make the lesson a tangible experience her students will remember.”


12/22/2008 - 1:40pm