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About the District Attorney

     Gerald F. Mollen has been Broome County's District Attorney since 1987.

     A life-long resident of the area, Jerry Mollen graduated from Catholic Central High School in 1970 and received his BA in Economics from Binghamton University in 1974.  He received his Juris Doctorate from the National Law Center at George Washington University in 1977.

     After law school, Jerry returned to Broome County to work first as an Assistant County Attorney in 1977 and then as an Assistant Attorney General from 1979-1980.  Jerry joined the Broome County District Attorney's Office as an assistant prosecutor under then District Attorney Patrick D. Monserrate in 1980.  In 1982, District Attorney Patrick H. Mathews appointed Jerry as his Chief Assistant.  In the summer of 1987, when Mathews became a County Court Judge, Jerry served as Acting District Attorney until he was appointed by Governor Mario Cuomo to be District Attorney.  He was then elected as Broome County District Attorney in 1987 and has been re-elected to this position six times.

     Jerry personally prosecuted many of the most heinous criminals in Broome County history, including the killers of Deputy Kevin Tarsia and of Valerie and Devin Spears, and has been responsible for supervising all criminal prosecutions in Broome County since 1987.  As District Attorney, Jerry has placed Broome County in the forefront of prosecution standards in almost every significant area of the criminal justice system - helping to establish a Multidisciplinary Child Abuse Review Team, which meets monthly to review problematic child abuse/neglect or elder abuse cases and helping to establish one of the first Child Advocacy Centers in upstate New York; helping to create the Broome County Gang Task Force in 2000 and the Broome County Gang Prevention Program in 2001.  In 1992, four years before state laws were amended to mandate arrests in certain domestic violence cases, the Broome County District Attorney's Office drafted "pro-arrest" protocols that were adopted by all local police agencies in the County.  Jerry created protocols for start-to-finish recording of suspect interviews by police in major felony cases, making Broome County one of the first counties in the state to fully implement this practice.

     In 1940, Attorney General Robert Jackson gave a now-famous speech about the role of the prosecutor in American Society.  He said: "The prosecutor has more control over life, liberty and reputation than any other person in America."  Jerry Mollen agrees and recognizes that the position of District Attorney involves awesome responsibilities towards the People of the State of New York and of Broome County - towards the community, the victims of crime and the Constitution.  The Lawyer's Code of Professional Responsibility simply states the complex, difficult task of being District Attorney: "The responsibility of a public prosecutor differs from that of the usual advocate; it is to seek justice, not merely convict."  Throughout his tenure as District Attorney, Jerry Mollen has continued to perform this duty, attempting to evaluate each individual case for the purpose of seeking justice, not just convictions, on behalf of the People of the State of New York and Broome County.