Lead Poisoning Prevention Program - 607.778.2847

This program maintains a database registry of children who have been tested for lead throughout Broome County.  It provides medical case management and educational outreach to families for all children with blood lead levels 10 ug/dl (micrograms per deciliter) or higher.
Once a high blood lead level is reported, this program conducts an investigation of the child's home and the home of the child's caregiver.  This applies to children up to 18 years of age.  These investigations include educating parents and guardians about lead poisoning, identifying the cause of the child's lead poisoning, issuing a Notice and Demand, as appropraite, to the property owner to eliminate the hazards within a specific time-frame, and re-inspecting the home to make sure the hazards have been removed.  The Lead Program enforces the NYS Sanitary Code Part 67-2, the Broome County Sanitary Code and the Public Health Law relating to lead hazards.
The Notice of Demand requires EPA Lead Safe Renovator Training for anyone conducting lead hazard control work.  This class provides workers with information about the health hazards created by lead-based paint and how proper work practices can control these hazards.  The Broome County Department's Lead Program can provide this training for free to those who qualify.
CLPPP also provides community-wide education on lead poisoning to the general public, health professionals, property owners, painting contractors, childcare providers, parent groups, and more.  This is provided through formal and informal presentations, informational brochures, health fairs and exhibitions.
For those concerned about Lead Poisoning, be sure to get your children tested for lead at age 1 and again at age 2, wash toys and surfaces regularly, and provide your child with a diet rich in calcium, iron, and vitamin C.  If your child, up to age 18, lives or regularly spends tinme in an older home and may have been exposed to deterioratied lead paint or lead dust, alert your child's health care provider and ask fo a blood lead test.  You are your child's best advocate.  If you have questions, please call (607) 778-2847.
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The EPA’s New Lead-Safe Certification Program and
The Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule
The EPA’s Remodeling, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule became Federal Law as of April 22nd, 2010. It applies to anyone doing window replacement or disturbing paint (more than 6 square feet of interior paint or 20 square feet of exterior paint) in a pre-1978 home for compensation, including rent, such as painters, contractors, maintenance personnel, landlords, plumbers, etc. 
The rule states that any individual disturbing paint as described above must be trained as an EPA Lead Renovator (8 hours), or must be given on-the-job-training by someone who is a Lead Renovator. The renovation company (even just a single person) must also be “Firm Certified” through the EPA. Firm certification for a renovation company involves submitting an application to the EPA, and costs $300. The training and firm certifications are good for 5 years.
A renovation job may be exempt from the rule if the home has been tested by an EPA certified Lead Inspector or Risk Assessor, and has been found to contain no lead-based paint.
Single-family homeowners who do not have tenants are also exempt. However, everyone should use safe work practices, especially if they have young children.
This law is ultimately the responsibility of the EPA. 
For more information, call:
1.800.424.LEAD (5323)
Or visit their website at: www.epa.gov/lead
EPA Lead Renovator Training is available in the following locations:
Johnson City, Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Utica, NYC:
Environmental Education Associates
585.783.1465 x238
Courses in Johnson City may not always be available to view on the website, but they are held on a monthly basis. You can get on a waiting list for upcoming classes by calling the number above. The 8 hour course costs $195, and the 4 hour refresher course is $135.
CNY Environmental Institute
The 8 hour course costs $135, and the 4 hour refresher is $90. They have many available dates on their website under “course calendar.”
Link Environmental Services Incorporated
The 8 hour course costs $175.  Go to the website under "training" for more information. 
Another alternative, with locations around New York State, is the Connor Institute:
This full day course costs $175, and is offered occasionally. Search for courses on the website for details, dates and locations.