Engineering Division

The Engineering Division is a principal unit of the Department of Public Works. Its primary objective is to support other units of the Public Works Department, and differentiated units of Broome County Government. Our fundamental responsibility is the implementation of projects as identified by the County Legislature through the Capital Improvement Program in conjunction with projects initiated via individual departmental operating budgets. The Division accomplishes this through the application of specific engineering expertise. The workload is distributed among in-house staff engineers and outside consultants, when appropriate, based on expertise and priorities.

Project level activities and responsibilities are carried-out through a diverse combination of professional consultant management [architect-engineer], design, planning, estimating, construction supervision, and inspection. Typical projects can range in size from minor, intermediate, to major.

Primary project categories address such attributes as:

  • Civil infra-structure
    • Highways/transportation
    • Bridges
    • Culverts
    • Right-of-way
    • Land use
  • Facilities infra-structure
    • Building construction/renovation
    • Space utilization
    • Mechanical systems
    • Power systems
    • Conveyance
    • Safety issues and systems

The Division provides engineering services (design and construction) and support to the Highway Division of Public Works by implementing the Capital Improvement Program for county roads and bridges, maintaining historical records of prior projects, highway right-of-way, easements, inventories of features on the County road system; respond to citizen inquiries concerning the above.

Other major users of the Engineering Division include; Aviation, Sheriff's Department (Public Safety Facility), Central Foods, Library, Willow Point Nursing Home and Public Works Building and Grounds Division as well as some support for Broome Community College. The majority of the work effort generated by these departments results from implementing the County's Capital Improvement Program. Technical assistance is also provided in support of operation of the facilities that house these departments.




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