County Outlines Progress on Comprehensive Plan

Broome County Executive Debbie Preston joined Legislator Mike Sopchak and Commissioner of Planning and Economic Development Elaine Miller to outline the progress the County has made on the Comprehensive Plan that was released at the end of 2013.

“When the plan was finalized, I told everyone this would not be a binder that sat on the shelf collecting dust,” says Broome County Executive Debbie Preston. “We have made great strides in implementing several of the suggestions of the plan and continue to make steps toward starting even more of the recommendations.”

“This plan is a roadmap for the County over the next 10 years,” says Commissioner of Planning and Economic Development Elaine Miller. “These suggestions can’t be done overnight, but we have made significant progress and will continue to use this plan as we forecast the future of our community.”

“My fellow Legislators and I were proud to support the funding for the County’s Comprehensive Plan,” said Legislator Mike Sopchak. “The fact that many of the recommendations within the Plan have been undertaken or completed in the first year is outstanding, but our job is not done! We will continue working under this plan to foster economic development in Broome County and make it a more attractive place where people will want to live and raise their family.”

Since the beginning of 2014, the County has started or completed several initiatives recommended in the Comprehensive Plan.

The Broome County Health Department is using a $1.2 million grant to renovate housing to improve health and safety, water quality and lead abatement.

The County has implemented new policies at tax foreclosure auctions to make sure people with a history of delinquent taxes and code violations are not allowed to purchase more properties.

The County completed a study on the Brandwine Corridor and the Planning department is working with the Villages of Deposit, Windsor, Endicott and Johnson City to improve their downtown areas.

The Planning Department is also working with the Engineering Department and the Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study to develop a complete streets plan.

We are studying what can be done to protect our residents from future floods by looking at where major flooding has taken place and where we should do flood mitigations.

The County has also taken a look at our outdoor activities and created a snowmobile trail map as well as a new boat launch at Chenango Bridge Park and Ride.

We are working with students at Binghamton University to develop a list of gathering places for students in our community.

We’ve also worked with students on riverbank cleanups as well as other volunteer opportunities to provide them with a stronger connection to our community.

The Broome County Legislature has waived certain tipping fees at the County Landfill, and has approved the funding of a brand new County Website.

The Comprehensive Plan benefitted from the input of two dozen stakeholder groups, over 1,000 survey respondents, numerous business leaders, and the community at a series of meetings early in the process.

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03/18/2015 - 2:36pm