Performance Management

Lynne Esquivel, CCSI Manager, Quality Improvement Initiatives oversees the monitoring of contracted mental health and preventive services programs for children and families within the Broome County Mental Health and Social Services Departments.   In addition, Lynne provides technical assistance to contract agencies to support ongoing performance improvement.  She recently completed the Driving Government Performance: “Leadership Strategies that Produce Results” at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government Executive Education. 

Lynne serves as on the Statewide  Multicultural Advisory Committee (MAC) representing both Mental Health and Social Services in Broome County.  She has worked closely with Lenora Reid-Rose, Director, Cultural Competence and Diversity Initiatives at Coordinated Care Services, Inc. (CCSI) to provide support to Broome County’s CLC initiatives.  Lynne also serves as chair of the Central Regional Multicultural Advisory Committee (CRMAC) for Broome County.  Lynne has partnered with the NYS OMH Central Field Office and the NYS OMH Bureau of Cultural Competency whom attend the quarterly CRMAC Meetings.  This Committee meets quarterly to eliminate stigma and improve behavioral health service outcomes. 

Lynne received her bachelor’s degree in Applied Social Science and her Master’s of Public Administration from Binghamton University with a concentration on health policy.  In addition to the on-site expertise Lynne brings to the Broome County Mental Health and Social Services departments, she draws on members of the Coordinated Care Services, Inc. team as needed to provide specialized support in the areas of Project and Program ManagementPerformance Management and Evaluation Services, Service Contracts and Financial Services / Contract Management.    An on-site Information Analyst provides additional support to performance improvement initiatives.