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Hazard Mitigation

2018 Broome County Hazard Mitigation Plan Update

Request for Qualifications
Response to Inquiries

Submittals due on Wednesday January 10th, Questions due by January 4th (questions will be answered in a single document distributed at that time)

The plan must must meet federal and state hazard mitigation planning requirements. The following documents outline these requirements:

Federal Regulations (FEMA)

New York State Hazard Mitigation Standards

New York State Hazard Mitigation Planning Guide

2013 Broome County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Broome County All Hazards Mitigation Plan (Approved June 2013)

Other Planning Documents

Building Resiliency - Update on efforts in Broome County to become a more flood smart community
Broome County Watershed Flood Hazard Mitigation Plan

Appendix A
Appendix B
      B1-B23 Lower Choconut Creek Watershed
      B24-B634 Thomas Creek/Chenango River Watershed
      B35-B43 Patterson Creek/Susquehanna River Watershed