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BC Transit Transportation Options Overview 

If you are 60 years of age or older and need assistance in getting to medical appointments, senior centers, shopping or other appointments, we can help. Options in Broome County include fixed route and paratransit buses, as well as hiring a Senior Helpers driver.

Transportation Frequently Asked Questions


Based upon where you live, there are three different bus options available.

BC Transit Fixed Route Bus

1. Fixed Route Bus

Fixed route buses serve the urban area of the county from west Endicott to Kirkwood. The buses run seven days a week though they have different schedules on Saturday and Sunday. Visit for more information and to obtain schedules.  Seniors 65 and older ride at a discounted rate.  Show your yellow Office for Aging ID card (card issued for age 65 and over).   


BC Transit OFA Mini Bus


2. The Office for Aging Mini-bus/BC Lift

The Office for Aging Mini-bus and BC Lift are two reservation-based services on the same bus. Riders can make reservations one  week in advance and up to the day before the ride.

Those using the OFA Mini-bus must be age 60 or older and have an Office for Aging ID Card

BC Lift riders can be of any age, but they must have an ADA (Americans with Disability Act) card. Click here to download an ADA card application.

To make a reservation for one of these services, call 763.8747 between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday – Friday.  Click here to read instructions for scheduling a ride.

The Office for Aging Mini-bus serves those age 60 and older. Riders must have an Office for Aging ID card to ride at the $1.50 voluntary contribution rate.  Your reservation may include 1 - 2 guests.  Guests under age 60 are charged $2.50 for each ride.  Guests age 60 and over pay the $1.50 suggested contribution with proper ID (OFA ID card preferred).

Individuals whose income is at or above 185% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines are asked to contribute at an amount that represents the actual cost of the rides ($2.75 per ride).  You are asked to contribute at this rate if your monthly household income is more than $1,815 and  you live alone; or if you live in a household of 2 and your monthly income exceeds $2,456. 

More information on hours of service, making reservations, and obtaining an ADA card can be found on the site. For information on the Office for Aging ID card, and to download an ID card application, visit the identification card page.

The Office for Aging Mini-bus/BC Lift serves the following areas:
  • Binghamton, Endicott, Endwell, and Johnson City
  • Portions of Chenango Bridge, Conklin, Kirkwood, and Vestal

Senior Housing Shopper Bus Service

The Office for Aging offers weekly scheduled bus trips for Senior Housing residents.  This service provides transportation to and from various grocery stores and shopping centers in the community.  This service is offered to those aged 60 and older with an Office for Aging ID card for a suggested contribution of $1.50/ride (no reservation needed).  Those under 60 and/or disabled can ride the shopper bus if they have an ADA card for a cost of $2.50/ride (reservation is required).  A shopper bus is available to residents of Woodburn Court, ABC Housing, Metro Plaza Apartments, North Shore Towers, Lincoln Court, Hamilton House, Marian Apartments, Nichols Notch and Wells Apartment.  Please click on the following link to learn more about the bus schedule at the various senior housing buildings. 

Office For Aging Shopper Bus

BC Transit BC Country Bus

3. BC Country

BC Country is a reservation-based service and transports rural residents to the urban areas and back again. Those wishing to schedule a ride on BC Country should call 607.763.8747 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday – Friday. Riders can make reservations up to one week in advance. BC Country rides are first come, first served and fill quickly. Those aged 60 and over who show an Office for Aging ID card ride the bus at $1.50 voluntary contribution rate.

Information on hours of service and making reservations is located on the site. For information on the Office for Aging ID card, and to download an ID card application, visit the identification card page.

4. Other Options 

The Senior Helpers Program

This program matches people with individuals 55 years or older who hire themselves out for jobs. The Senior Helpers Program has workers registered who will hire themselves out as private drivers. Visit the Senior Helpers Program page to learn more about the hiring process. Those wishing to hire a Senior Helpers driver should call 607.778.6105 between 8:30 and 12:00 Monday – Friday.

Mobility Management of South Central New York

MMSCNY is an additional resource for transportation options.  MMSCNY is a collaboration between the Rural Health Network and partner organizations in South Central New York.  
Seniors and caregivers can get answers to transportation questions, assistance with travel planning and group or individual travel training.  Call the toll-free GetThere Call Center to reach staff that is well versed in the area's transportaion options - 1-855-373-4040.

Transportation Frequently Asked Questions