There are times when buses may unexpectedly have to detour. BC Transit will make every effort to keep you informed as detours occur. 

Please review the following detours:

Saturday Novmber 17, 2018 Detours

The 47 via West Corners will not be in service at starting at 1:30 PM and 3:30 PM.  Please take route 91 to/from the Town Square Mall from BU. 

The 5 outbound at 4 PM, 5 PM and 6 PM will not be in service.  Please take the 3/12 combo to go the southside or the 15 outbound to go to BU.  The 15 outbound becomes the 5 inbound. 

The 15 inbound at 4:30 PM, 5:30 PM will not be in service.   Please take the 5 inbound from BU.  The 5 inbound becomes the 15 outbound. 

The Boscov's Holiday Parade will cause detours starting at 1 PM

7 Clinton St will use the E Clinton St Bridge, to Water to Henry.  We can't get to stops at Front/North, Front/Main, Court/Washington.

8 Front St outbound will use the E Clinton St bridge.  We can't get the stop at Boscov's, Front/North, Front/Gerard.  The inbound bus can't get to stops Front/North, Front/Main and Court/Washington.

Route 15 outbound cannot get to stops at Court/State, Front/Main, and stops along Oak St.  The inbound bus cannot get to the stop Hawley/Court.

Route 35 outbound will use the E Clinton St bridge to Front, to North to Edwards to Main and resume regular routing.  We can't get to stops at Boscov's, and all stops from Main/Front through Main/Mather.  The inbound will use Edwards to North to Front to the E Clinton St bridge.  We can't to stops from Main/Arthur through Court/Washington.

Route 57 can't get to the stops on 20 Hawley St and along Front St. 


Front St near the Broome County Health Dept

8 Front St

Until further notice, road crews are working on Front St from Karlada Dr through Prospect St. 

Effective Monday, Nov 16, 2018 until further notice, all stops on Front St between Karlada Dr and Prospect St will be temporarily closed due to street repairs.  

Park Manor, Endwell

35 Endwell Shuttle and 47 via Endwell

Customers needing service on request to Park Manor- please go to the Weis to catch the bus due to roadwork