County Test Drives 100% Electric Car

Vantage zero emission vehicle

BINGHAMTON, NY - Today, those working in Broome County Government had the opportunity to test drive a zero emission, 100% electric car. Broome County Executive Barbara J. Fiala held a brief morning news conference to highlight the test drive and the county's efforts to reduce fuel consumption. Hugh McIvor, a representative from Motorworks Clean Vehicles NY was on hand to speak about the features and benefits of the Vantage multi purpose van.


“To balance escalating fuel costs, we have been researching alternative vehicles to reduce our expenses and improve fleet operations,” said Executive Fiala. “Today's test drive gives employees a chance to try out a different type of vehicle that provides a cost savings and is less harmful to our environment.”

She added, “Throughout county operations we are continuing to look for ways to go green, use less energy and reduce our impact on the environment.”

In 2006, the county passenger fleet used approximately 191,000 gallons of gas at a cost of $468,000. In 2007, 185,000 gallons of gas was consumed at a cost of $473,000. Year to date, the county passenger fleet has used 150,000 gallons at a cost of $497,000; total consumption is estimated to be near 200,000 gallons by year end. These numbers illustrate the upward trend of both consumption and cost. The county is seeking to reduce expenses and fuel use by introducing alternative transportation such as hybrids, 100% electric vehicles and possibly cars propelled by natural gas.

“There are alternatives to the norm,” said Michael Lynch, Deputy Commissioner of Public Works, in reference to gasoline powered vehicles. “We have been looking for ways to reduce our fuel consumption. 100% electric vehicles might be an option to improve and green our fleet.”

Employees test drove the Vantage van to evaluate its performance and function. This particular model would cost the county under $19,000. Operating costs for the Vantage van are estimated to be about 1/6 of a gasoline powered car equivalent in size. The vehicle gets 55 miles for roughly $1.75 of electric power. For the cost of one gallon of gas the electric vehicle can go an average of 100 miles. The electric vehicle travels 0-25 mph and would be utilized for in town travel only. The county has estimated it could replace up to 10% of its fleet with this type electric transportation.

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10/07/2008 - 4:00am