DSS Commissioner Johnson Named NYPWA President

Arthur R. Johnson was inducted as President of the New York Public Welfare Association (NYPWA) in the presence of roughly 300 attendees at NYPWA’s 2016 Winter Conference in Albany on January 28.  Mr. Johnson is the Commissioner of Social Services for Broome County.

Debra A. Preston, Broome County Executive, administered the oath of office at the event and offered words of praise for Commissioner Johnson.  “Commissioner Johnson has done a great deal for the people of Broome County, and continues to have the best interest of the people in mind,” County Executive Preston noted.  “We want to thank Art for this wonderful accomplishment and to let the people of New York State know they are in very good hands.”

Commissioner Johnson has worked for the county for seventeen years—first becoming the county Mental Health Commissioner in 1999 and then accepting the dual role of DSS Commissioner in 2002.  As NYPWA President, Commissioner Johnson pledged to work hard to represent all of the local departments of social services across New York State.  He also looked forward to working with state agency and legislative leaders on both budget and policy priorities.  In addition, Commissioner Johnson took the time to individually thank County Executive Preston, his staff—and, most of all, his wife Nancy.

“One of the great things about working in our field is that there is always someone there to help you.  Whether you work in Temporary Assistance, Medicaid, CPS, Foster Care, Child Support, a legal unit or are a Commissioner,” Commissioner Johnson explained. “The staff from NYPWA and my colleagues from other counties are always there to help.  This is an amazing dynamic that doesn’t exist in every other profession.”  In closing, the Commissioner offered the following: “Each New Year brings with it unique challenges.  The NYPWA board, staff and I all look forward to working with our members and state partners this year.”

The New York Public Welfare Association represents New York State’s 58 local departments of social services.  The NYPWA is an influential leader in social welfare policy development and implementation.  The mission of the association is to improve the quality and effectiveness of social welfare policy so that it is accountable to taxpayers and protective of vulnerable people.


02/02/2016 - 1:50pm