Yesteryears Social Adult Day Program...Adding Life to Your Years

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Remaining socially active is essential to maintaining our physical, mental and emotional health. This can become challenging for those experiencing hearing, vision, mobility or memory impairments. To some, it can be easier to just withdraw from activities. Yesteryears is more than a day program. It’s a social experience that will warm their hearts and keep the light in their eyes.

Independence and self-esteem are promoted during our spirited trivia discussions. We share our knowledge with our friends and often learn something new ourselves. Recently, we “went on a safari” through the camera lens of our friend who brought in his beautiful pictures and told us about his amazing adventure.

This place is alive with the sounds of music! Sing a-longs lift spirits and bring us all together. Whether it’s campfire songs, golden oldies, inspirational or patriotic tunes, the words fall into place when the music starts. Bring your harmonica. We have the pipes!

There is no yawning at Yesteryears but we do have yarning! The Yarners (our knitting group) work daily on a variety of projects. We work on scarves, blankets and beanies. Each knitter works on a project for a cause dear to them. The scarves were gifts to friends at the “hug to take home” program. The blankets and beanies were sent to hospitals to warm those recovering from surgeries and to comfort newborn babies.

Recently, we began our work supporting Samaritan’s Purse. We packed bags with personal items, school supplies and other goodies. These will be placed in care packages and distributed to children in need. We may be slowing down but don’t count us out! We are still making meaningful contributions to our communities while at Yesteryears.

10/15/2017 - 7:00am