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Award Notices

 Broome County Purchasing Awards

Bid Number
12/13/20172017-097Purchase of Car Safety Seats
12/13/20172017-096Purchase of Copier, Fine and Other Papers and Envelopes for Print Shop
12/13/20172017-094Purchase of Self-Propelled Road Sweeper
12/13/20172016-095Transportation & Recycling of End of Life Electronics
12/13/20172015-113Service, Repair, and/or Rebuild Steering & Driveline Components for Transit Buses
12/13/20172015-112Repair/Overhaul B400R Transmissions on Buses
12/13/20172014-125Operation, Transportation, and Disposal of Hazardous & Universal Waste
12/13/20172014-064Senior Newsletter Monthly Printing
11/21/20172017-093OEM Replacement Parts & Repairs to Heavy Equipment
11/21/20172017-084Water Treatment for the Heating & Cooling Systems
11/08/20172017-062Purchase of Military Grave Markers (Reject all Bids)
11/08/20172017-095Antenna System Removal from Multiple Tower Sites
11/08/20172017-089Purchase of Snow Plow Blades, Shoes, and Salt Spreader Chains
11/08/20172017-067Tire Recapping for Highway Department
11/08/20172017-067Tire Recapping for Transit Department
11/08/20172015-103Furnish, Deliver & Install Heavy Duty Tires (Renewal)
11/08/20172012-074Transportation of Children with Disabilities (Amendment)
10/25/20172017-086Window Cleaning at Various Broome County Facilities
10/25/20172017-085Scheduled Maintenance and Service of AC Equipment, Chillers, & Cooling Towers
10/11/20172017-079Truck & Van Service for the Broome County Board of Elections
10/11/20172017-035Rental and Laundry of Uniforms (Contract Amendment)
10/11/20172012-087Treatment of Water Systems (Contract Amendment)
09/27/20172016-074Drain and Sewer Cleaning Services
09/27/20172017-080Towing & Road Service
09/27/20172017-077Purchase of Screened Sand
09/27/20172017-071Willow Point North Section Roof Replacement
09/27/20172017-059Generator Maintencance & Emergency Repairs
09/27/20172017-018ARFF Equipment - Bid Package #2 
09/13/20172017-068Monitoring, Repairs and Upgrades for Various Broome County Security Systems
09/13/20172017-076Journeyman Masonry Services
09/13/20172017-078Installation of Electrical Equipment into Police Style Vehicles
09/13/20172017-063Sale of Asphalt Millings
09/13/20172014-053Journeyman Carpenter Services (Renewal)
09/13/20172017-081Broome County Landfill Section IV, Cell 3-4 Berm Reconstruction
09/13/20172017-073General Infrastructure Repairs
09/13/20172017-074North Apron Glycol Tank Connection to Sanitary Sewer System
08/23/20172017-065Installation of Electrical Equipment into Police Style Vehicles (Reject all bids)
08/23/20172017-064Sale of Propane Tanks
08/23/20172017-058Purchase of Fall Alert Alarms and Accessories for WPRNC
08/23/20172015-074Replacement Parts for Automobiles and Light Trucks
08/23/20172013-076Purchase of Fax and Laser Printer Toner Cartridges, Including Repair Services
08/23/20172012-074Transportation of Children with Disabilities and Developmental Delays (Amendment)
08/09/20172015-085Purchase of Painting Supplies
08/09/20172015-071Purchase of Motor & Hydraulic Oil
08/09/20172017-050Fire Extinguisher and Fire Suppression Systems
08/09/20172017-045Produce/Print Bus Passes/Transfers
08/09/20172017-018Vehicle Procurement Specification Index B, Class 4 ARFF Equipment
08/09/20172017-017Purchase of One Index B, Class 4 Aircraft Rescue & Fire-Fighting (ARFF) Vehicle
07/26/20172017-056Section IV, Cell 4 Bedrock Blasting
07/26/20172017-053Middle Stella Ireland Road Slope Stabilization Project
07/26/20172015-070Garbage & Recycling Services (Renewal)
07/26/20172017-052Willow Point Nursing Facility North Section Roof (All bids rejected)
07/26/20172017-049Janitorial and Maintenance Supplies
07/26/20172017-044Farm to Market Road Culvert Rehabilitation and Construction Project
07/26/20172017-031Purchase of Hi-Lo Electric Beds & Accessories for WPRNC
07/14/20172017-047Copier, Fine and Other Papers
07/14/20172016-056Painter Services (Renewal)
07/14/20172015-053Journeyman Roofer/Sheet Metal Worker Services (Renewal)
06/28/20172017-048Purchase of Plumbing Supplies for Various County Departments
06/28/20172017-043SMS Delivery of Emergency Communications to a Geo-Diverse PSAP
06/28/20172017-041Licensed Journeyman Plumber Services for Various County Departments
06/28/20172017-040Licensed Journeyman Electrician Services for Various County Departments
06/28/20172017-037Purchase of Digital Fire Training: Dual Fire and Smoke Packages
06/28/20172017-033Purchase of One (1) Kelly Patterson Boiler for the BC Public Safety Facility
06/28/20172013-072Transportation of Medically Fragile Children (Renewal)
06/14/20172017-032Replacement of Oregon Hill Road Bridge over Big Brook
06/14/20172017-039North Sanford Road Bridge #3349630 Repairs (Rejected all bids)
06/14/20172017-030Purchase of Oxygen Concentrators, Pulse Oximeters, and Accessories
05/24/20172017-028General Highway Requirements
05/24/20172015-082Transportation, Processing, & Recycling of Tires from the B.C. Landfill (Renewal)
05/24/20172015-060Equipment Service Time & Material Maintenance (Renewal)
05/24/20172015-04922 Gallon Curbside Recycling Containers (Renewal)
05/24/20172017-035Rental and Laundry of Uniforms and Other Items (Aviation)
05/24/20172017-035Rental and Laundry of Uniforms and Other Items (Solid Waste)
05/24/20172017-0272017 North & West Building Boiler Replacement for WPNH
05/24/20172017-023Purchase of Scanners and Associated Consumable Supplies
05/10/20172017-025Ice Cream and Novelties for Parks Concession Stands
05/10/20172017-024Purchase of Uniforms/Jackets for Law Enforcement and Correctional Personnel
05/10/20172017-016Bottled Water and Sports Drinks for Parks Concession Stands
05/10/20172017-012Purchase of One (1) New and Unused 2017 Landfill Tarping System
04/26/20172017-015Purchase of Coach Operators Uniforms
04/26/20172013-014Dry Cleaning/Alterations of Uniforms for Sheriff's Office Personnel (Renewal)
04/12/20172014-040Cleaning & Television Inspection Program for the Leachate Collection & Coveyance System (Renewal)
04/12/20172014-028Petroleum Tank and Hazardous Waste Clean-up and Disposal (Renewal)
04/12/20172013-032Preventative & Full Service Maintenance for Facilities Management Systems (Renewal)
04/12/20172013-029Purchase & Delivery of Liquid Polymer for Leachate Treatment Facility (renewal)
04/12/20172017-019Pest Control Services at Various County Facilities
03/22/20172017-008Purchase of Gases in Cylinders & Other Supplies
03/22/20172017-011OTC Drugs for WPNH
03/22/20172017-010Medical & Nursing Supplies for Residents at WPNH
03/22/20172016-007Maintenance and Service of Traction and Hydraulic Elevators (Renewal)
03/08/20172017-009Environmental Remediation Project
03/08/20172017-006Purchase of Handheld/Cemetery U.S. Flags
03/08/20172015-020Purchase of Lumber and Building Materials
03/08/20172015-011Radio Communications Equipment, Accessories & Repairs (Integrated)
03/08/20172015-011Radio Communications Equipment, Accessories & Repairs (Tri County Comm.)
02/08/20172017-002Purchase of Pesticides, Plant Growth Regulators & Grass Seed
01/25/20172016-105OEM Parts, Diagnosis & Service of International 3200 Series Buses
01/25/20172016-103Purchase of Inmate Clothing & Supplies
01/11/20172016-099Purchase of Pagers for B.C. Emergency Services


2016 Award Notices

DateBid NumberDescription
December 29, 20162016-101Purchase of Plow Blades/Shoes & Salt Spreader Chains
December 29, 20162016-098Purchase of Bus Replacement Parts
December 29, 20162016-094Transportation Services for the Disabled - B.C. Lift Service
December 29, 20162013-094Coach Operators Uniforms - Extend Contract Expiration Date (Renewal)
December 15, 20162016-095Transportation & Recycling of End-of-Life Electronics 
December 15, 20162016-093Purchase of Copier Paper & Other Various Items for Print Shop
December 15, 20162016-090Purchase of Sheriff's Academy Recruits/Instructors Uniforms for the 2017 Class
December 15, 20162016-0891605 Davis Avenue School & Rectory Building Demolition Project
December 15 20162016-084Purchase and Inside Delivery, Setup of Office Furniture for all County Departments & Open to Political Sub-Divisions
December 15, 20162014-125Operation, Transportation & Disposal of Hazardous & Universal Waste from the B.C. Hazardous Waste Facility (Renewal)
November 23, 20162016-082Purchase of Patient Lifts
November 22, 20162016-088Purchase of Rotary Broom Wafers & Supplemental Supplies
November 22, 20162016-083Purchase of Hi-Lo Electric Beds & Accessories
November 9, 20162016-087Purchase of Heavy Truck Parts
October 26, 20162016-080Purchase of Sodium Formate/ Acetate Blend
October 12, 20162014-103Tire Recapping for Transit Buses (Renewal)
October 12, 20162012-085Screened Sand for Enhancing Friction on Airfield (Renewal)
October 12, 20162012-099Maintenance & Service of Chillers (Renewal)
September 28, 20162016-079Purchase of Inmate Reception Kits
September 28, 20162016-076Purchase of (2) Two Tilt Deck Trailers 
September 28, 20162016-075Purchase of (1) One 2017 20 Ton Deckover Tilt Trailer
September 28, 20162014-104Tire Recapping for Highway Department (Renewal)
September 28, 20162012-087Treatment of Water Systems at Various County Facilities (Renewal)
September 28, 20162014-090Maintenance & Service of Alarms at Various County Facilities (Renewal)
Spetember 14, 20162016-058Greater Binghamton Airport Runway 16/34 Rehabilitation
August 24, 20162016-073Transportation of Leachate
August 24, 20162016-070Solid Airfield Deicer
August 24, 20162014-047Fall Alert Alarms & Accessories (Renewal)
August 24, 20162013-077Journeyman Masonry Services (Renewal)
August 24, 20162013-076Fax & Laser Printer Cartridges (Renewal)
August 24, 20162012-080Fire Extinguisher Maintenance, Repairs, Replacement (Renewal)
August 11, 20162016-050Towing & Road Services
August 11, 20162014-075Installation of Electrical Equipment in Police  Style Vehicles (Renewal)
August 11, 20162013-072Transportation of Medically Children (Renewal)
August 11, 20162013-057General Infastructure Repairs (Renewal)
July 28, 20162016-069Maintenance Repairs for Day Hollow Road Culvert
July 28, 20162016-063Janitorial & Maintenance Supplies
July 28, 20162016-057Purchase of Uniform Shirts, Trowsers, Jackets & Hats
July 28, 20162016-068Purchase of Three (3) 10,000 Lb. GVWR Rated Tilt Deck Trailers
July 28, 20162014-053Journeyman Carpenter Services (Renewal)
July 28, 20162013-057General Infastructure Repairs (Renewal)
July 28, 20162013-057General Infastructure Repairs (Renewal)
July 13, 20162016-064Purchase of X-Ray Machine for Emergency Services Fire Investigation Team
July 13, 20162014-062Floor Covering Installation for Various County Departments (Renewal)
July 13, 20162014-060Printing of Purchase of All Bus Passes & Transfer Cards (Renewal)
July 13, 20162013-071Cleaning of Leachate Holding Tank & Pre-Aeration Tank (Renewal)
June 23, 20162016-061Purchase of Copy Paper for Information Technology
June 23, 20162015-053Roofer Services (Renewal)
June 23, 20162014-045Purchase of Plumbing Supplies (Renewal)
June 23, 2016PSPurchase of Copy Paper for County Departments
June 8, 20162016-056Painter Services for Various County Facilities
June 8, 20162013-044Journeyman Plumber Services (Renewal)
June 8, 20162013-043Licensed Journeyman Electrician Services (Renewal)
May 25, 20162016-048Purchase of A21 crushed gravel/cobble material
May 25, 20162014-040Cleaning and Television Inspection for Leachate Collection (Renewal)
May 25, 20162014-028Petroleum tank clean-up & disposal (Renewal)
May 18, 20162016-046Emergency Services Communications Systems Upgrade Project – Site Construction (Ammended)
May 18, 20162016-044Steel Lattice Antenna Towers for Emergency Communications System Upgrade (Ammended)
May 18, 20162016-043Packaged Engine Generators for Emergency Communications System Upgrade (Ammended)
May 18, 20162016-042Equipment Shelters for Emergency Communications System Upgrade (Ammended)
May 11, 20162016-047Ice Cream & Assorted Items for Parks Concession Stands
May 11, 20162016-046Emergency Services Communications Systems Upgrade Project – Site Construction
May 11, 20162016-038Groceries & Selected Meats/Fish (5/1/2016-6/30/2016)
May 11, 20162016-032Tanks and Toilet Pumping, Rental of Portable Toilets
May 11, 20162016-029Paper Products for Parks Concessions Stands
April 27, 20162016-044Steel Lattice Antenna Towers for Emergency Communications System Upgrade
April 27, 20162016-043Packaged Engine Generators for Emergency Communications System Upgrade
April 27, 20162016-042Equipment Shelters for Emergency Communications System Upgrade
April 27, 20162016-040Auto Body Repairs for Broome County Fleet Vehicles
April 27, 20162016-030Footware for Sheriff's Office Personnel
April 27, 20162016-024Purchase of Electrical Supplies
April 27, 20162016-014Scanners and Associated Consumable Supplies
April 13, 20162016-015Purchase of Medical & Nursing Supplies
April 13, 20162016-017Purchase of OTC Drugs
April 13, 20162013-016Renewal of Towing & Road Service - Fleet Vehicles
April 13, 20162013-032Renewal of Full Service HVAC Maintenance
March 23, 20162016-019Site and Stormwater Improvements at the Broome County Public Safety Facility
March 23, 20162016-012Purchase of (2) Two New 40 Yard Open Top Roll Off Containers
March 23, 20162016-011Lease-to-Own Golf Course Equipment
March 23, 20162015-011Catalog Bid on Radio Communications Equipment, Accessories, including Intallation & Repairs (Renewal)
March 23, 20162014-008Trucking Services for Moving Voting Machines (Renewal)
March 23, 20162013-039Purchase & Delivery of Liquid Polymer for Leachate Treatment Facility
March 23, 20162013-014Dry Cleaning & Alterations of Uniforms for Sheriff’s Department (Renewal)
March 10, 20162016-020Purchase of One (1) Used Excavator
March 10, 20162016-004Airport Road (CR96) Reconstruction Project
March 10, 20162014-037Uniforms for Officers of the Sherrif's Department (Renewal)
February 25, 20162016-005Cemetery / Handheld US Flags
Fenruary 24, 20162016-009Maintenance & Service of Elevators
February 24, 20162016-008Academy Uniforms for 2016 Class
February 24, 20162016-002Pesticides, Plant Growth Regulators & Grass Seed
February 24, 20162016-020Lumber & Building Supplies (Renewal)
February 24, 20162015-127Potassium Acetate
February 24, 20162013-006Pest Control Services (Renewal)
February 24, 20162014-021Gas in Cylinders (Renewal)
February 24, 20162013-006Pest Control Services (Renewal)
February 1, 20162015-126Groceries (2/1/2016 - 4/30/2016)
January 19, 20162015-105Copy, Fine & Other Pepaer
January 19, 20162013-094Coach Operators Uniforms (Renewal)


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