Lost A Dog?

What To Do If Your Dog Becomes Missing

It is important to always keep a watchful eye on your beloved pets to ensure that they do not become a part of the vast stray population. If your dog or pup does happen to get lost, there are measures that you can take to optimize your likelihood of retrieving your friend.

  • Always keep your pet properly identified.
    This includes:
    • a current dog license tag
    • personal identification including the dog's name and home phone number
    • any other pertinent tags, such as vaccination tags or microchip tags
  • Keep available a current photograph
  • Contact all dog control officers, animal shelters and veterinarians in your area
  • Place a 'Lost Ad' in the newspaper, and scan 'Found Ads' daily
  • Place fliers in as many locations as possible & offer a reward
  • Notify your neighbors
  • If the animal is microchipped or tattooed, notify the organization where the pet is registered
  • Visit your local animal shelters every other day!!!

Dog Control

List of Broome County Dog Control PHONE NUMBERS and LOCATIONS Where Their Strays are Housed:

  • City of Binghamton - 607.772.7158 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Barker - 607.240-6760 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Town of Binghamton - 607.772.0357 x22 (Humane Society)
  • Chenango - 607.797.6019 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Colesville - 607.693.1486 (B.C. Humane Society)
  • Conklin - 607.343.7823 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Dickinson - 607.648.5238 x5 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Fenton - 607.648.5238  x5 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Kirkwood - 607.775.4353 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Lisle - 607.849.4652 (Tammy Swarts)
  • Maine - 607.862.0035 (B.C. Humane Society)
  • Nanticoke - 607.7259196 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Sanford - 607.467.5027 (Delaware Valley Humane Society)
  • Triangle - 607.692-4311 (Tammy Swarts)
  • Union - 607.786.2940 (Broome County Dog Shelter)
  • Vestal - 607.748.1514 ex.4(Vestal Vet)
  • Windsor - 607.655.3118 (Broome County Dog Shelter)