Animal Abuser Registry

The Broome County Animal Abuser Registry was created in 2018 by an act of the Broome County Legislature.

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Anyone convicted of animal cruelty, who resides in Broome County, is required to submit information to the Broome County Sheriff's Office. The information will be listed below.

The registry is not retroactive. Convictions prior to the establishment of the registry will not be listed.

Anyone selling, giving away or adopting an animal to another person in Broome County must check the registry prior to any change in ownership. Giving, selling or adopting an animal to a person on the registry is a violation of county law.

John D. Elmer

DOB:  11/07/1978

Address:  34 Clinton Street, Binghamton, NY 13905

Charge:  Agriculture and Markets Law - AGM § 353. Overdriving, torturing and injuring animals;  failure to provide proper sustenance.

Date of conviction:    11/20/2018

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