15 Leroy St/SUNY Outbound Directions

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BC Junction B Dock Bay 9
Prospect Ave     
   Henry St                                                 
  State St 
Court St
  Main St
Oak St
   Leroy St
   Beethoven St
 Highland Ave
 Helen St
 Schubert St
   West End Ave
   Division St
Burbank Ave
Floral Ave
Through Johnson City Traffic Circle onto SR 201 South to Vestal
Vestal Rd Off Ramp
  Vestal Rd
  Bunn Hill Rd
  SUNY Entrance via Tennis Courts
  East Drive
School of Management
East Drive
Mohawk St [NOTE 1]
NOTE 1 After unloading at the Mohawk Stop, bus proceeds on East Dr to Traffic Circle and back to School of Management