28 Bus Stops

   28 Robinson St Bus Stops

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 Updated 9/4/12

Bus Route   DirectionStreetIntersection LandmarkReport Missing Stop
28 OutboundChenango St Henry St  Greater Binghamton  Transportation Center  Report Missing Stop?
28Outbound  Chenango StEldredge St Kendrick Tattoo Report Missing Stop? 
28Outbound Chenango St Robinson St  Across from Labor Ready Report Missing Stop?
28 OutboundRobinson St Emmett St Stop Pic  Report Missing Stop?
28 OutboundRobinson St   WalesNear Rte 363 Overpass Report Missing Stop?
28 OutboundRobinson St   WhitneyGallagher's Pub  Report Missing Stop?
28Outbound  Robinson St Griswold  East End Appliances Report Missing Stop?
28 Outbound Robinson St  ElyWeis Market  Report Missing Stop?
28 Outbound Broad AveGeorge Stop Pic  Report Missing Stop?
28 OutboundBroad Ave  E FrederickAcross from Stockholm Barber  Report Missing Stop?
28 Outbound Broad Ave Grant St Manley's Mighty Mart Report Missing Stop?
28 Outbound Broad Ave Hill Across from Agway Report Missing Stop?
28OutboundSpellicyMoellerCarlisle AptsReport Missing Stop?
28OutboundSpellicyFlowerCarlisle AptsReport Missing Stop?
28OutboundSpellicyLeonCarlisle AptsReport Missing Stop?
28OutboundSpellicyMoellerCarilisle AptsReport Missing Stop?
28 Outbound Moeller St  SpellicyStop Pic Report Missing Stop?
28 OutboundMoeller St Bevier Near Gates Fabrication Report Missing Stop?
28Outbound  Bevier BroadStop Pic  Report Missing Stop?
28 OutboundBroad Ave Spellicy Agway Report Missing Stop?
28 OutboundBroad AveHill St Agway Yard Report Missing Stop?
28 Outbound Broad Ave Abbott St Stop Pic Report Missing Stop?
28Outbound  Broad Ave E. FrederickStockholm Barbershop  Report Missing Stop?
28Outbound  Broad AveWilliam StBCT Federal Credit Union  Report Missing Stop?
28 Outbound Robinson St MoellerK&P One Stop  Report Missing Stop?
28 OutboundRobinson St  MasonCameo Theater Report Missing Stop?
28 Outbound Robinson St Bigelow Fairview United Methodist Report Missing Stop?
28 OutboundRobinson St  Milford United Church of Christ Report Missing Stop?
28 Outbound Robinson St FairviewStop Pic  Report Missing Stop?
28 Outbound Robinson St Rubin Across from Fairview Park Report Missing Stop?
28 Outbound Robinson StEnglish Stop Pic  Report Missing Stop?
28 Outbound Robinson St Garden  Report Missing Stop?
28 OutboundGreater Binghamton Healthcare Center Cul-de-sacGarvin Bldg Report Missing Stop?
28Inbound Greater Binghamton Healthcare Center Greater Binghamton Healthcare Center   Report Missing Stop?
28InboundRobinson StExit of GBHCStop PicReport Missing Stop?
28 Inbound  Robinson StGarden Stop Pic  Report Missing Stop?
28 Inbound Robinson St  EnglishStop Pic  Report Missing Stop?
28Inbound   Robinson St RubinFairview Park Ball Field  Report Missing Stop?
28Inbound   Robinson St Fairview Fairview Park Parking Lot Report Missing Stop?
28 Inbound  Robinson St Glen Ave Calvin Coolidge Elem Report Missing Stop?
28Inbound   Robinson StBigelow St Stop Pic  Report Missing Stop?
28Inbound   Robinson StHoward AveStop Pic Report Missing Stop? 
28 Inbound  Robinson St Louisa Near KFC Report Missing Stop?
28 Inbound Broad Ave GeorgeStop Pic  Report Missing Stop?
28Inbound  Broad Ave E FrederickStop Pic  Report Missing Stop?
28 Inbound Broad Ave Grant Manley's Mighty Mart Report Missing Stop?
28 Inbound Broad Ave Hill Across from Agway Report Missing Stop?
28InboundMoellerHill  Stop Pic Report Missing Stop?
28Inbound  Moeller SpellicyStop Pic  Report Missing Stop?
28Inbound  Moeller BevierProject Paw Report Missing Stop?
28Inbound  BevierBroad Stop Pic  Report Missing Stop?
28Inbound Broad Ave Spellicy   Agway Report Missing Stop?
28Inbound  Broad Ave Hill Stop Pic Report Missing Stop?
28Inbound  Broad Ave Abbott Stop Pic Report Missing Stop?
28Inbound  Broad Ave E Frederick Stockholm Barbershop Report Missing Stop?
28Inbound  Broad Ave William StBCT Federal Credit Union  Report Missing Stop?
28Inbound    Robinson StEly  M&T Bank Report Missing Stop?
28 Inbound   Robinson St Griswold Cortese Restaurant Report Missing Stop?
28 Inbound   Robinson St Whitney Robinson Street Plaza Report Missing Stop?
28 Inbound   Robinson St Liberty Stop Pic Report Missing Stop?
28 Inbound   Robinson St EmmettStop Pic Report Missing Stop?
28Inbound  Chenango Robinson Wilson Dental Report Missing Stop?
28 Inbound Chenango EldredgeStop Pic  Report Missing Stop?
28 Inbound ProspectHenry Greater Binghamton  Transportation Center  Report Missing Stop?


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