7 Clinton St Outbound Directions

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BC Junction 
Prospect Ave  
   State St
Court St
Main St
Front St
Clinton St 
Glenwood Ave [NOTE 1] 
Prospect St [NOTE 2]
CFJ Blvd
Gannett Dr
Pavillion Rd
Lester Ave
Harry L Dr
Harry L Dr
Reynolds Rd  
Oakdale Mall North Entrance 
Stop near Arby's
NOTE 1 When the bus is scheduled to travel to Legacy Bay, bus continues straight on Glenwood Rd to right on Ely Park Blvd, turing around at the cul-de-sac, to left on Glenwood Rd, and entering/exiting BOCES (except weekends) and Broome Developmental Center, turning right on Prospect St, continuing regular routing.
NOTE 2 When the bus is scheduled to travel to the Airport Rd Complex, the bus will turn right on Airport Rd, right on Lewis Rd, right into the Airport Rd complex, exit via Lewis Rd, left on Lewis Rd, left on Airport Rd to right on CFJ Blvd continuing regular routing.