Bus Stop Relocation in Johnson City

BC Transit Announces Changes to Bus Stop Locations in Johnson City effective July 31, 2017. 

In an attempt to increase the safety of pedestrians and motorists on the main corridors of Johnson City as well as alleviate traffic congestion, the Broome County Department of Transit is announcing the following changes to bus stop locations in Johnson City.

These changes will go to into effect starting July 31, 2017.

Outbound Stops (Westbound):

  • Main/Floral (served  by 35x) -same location 
  • Main/Lester -same location
  • Main/ Avenue B (served by 35x- new bus stop is at 219 Main St ) - this combines stops formerly located before the intersections at Avenue C and Avenue B.  
  • Main/N Broad -same location
  • Main/Harrison (served by 35x)-  this stop is moved to a safer location just after the Walgreen's entrance.   The former stop was before this entrance.  
  • Main/NY Penn Trade Center - moved in front of NY Penn Trade Center, just after the intersection of Main/Allen.    The former stop at Main/First is moved back about 300 feet to this safer location.  
  • Main/Third (served by 35x)-moved to westside of intersection   The former stop is moved to a safer location after the intersection.  
  • Main/Westover (served by 35x)-same location 

Inbound Stops (Eastbound):

  • Main/Evelyn (served by 35x) - same location
  • Main/Baker (served by 35x) - same location
  • Main/Allen - this stop is located to after the intersection.  The former stop was before the intersection.
  • Main/Harrison (served by 35x) - this new stop is located after the insection.  The stop before Baldwin St is merged with this one.  
  • Main/Broad - the stop is now located before Broad St to just before the Red Robin Diner . 
  • Main/Save-A-Lot (served by 35x) -same location
  • Main/Park - same location
  • Main/Floral (served by 35x) - same location 

35x:  Stops marked with a 35x will be serviced by the 35 Express.   Route 17, 35 via Watson, 35 via Main, and 35 via Endwell, will these stops according to  each schedule.