TB & HIV Connection

If you have latent TB infection, the risk of developing active TB for a person with a good immune system is about 10% over the course of your life.

Any disease or condition that suppresses your immune system increases the chances of developing active TB.

HIV/AIDS is a potent activator of latent TB infection. The risk of developing active TB disease is 10% for every year of your life.

It is recommended that if you have HIV/AIDS, you should get tested for TB infection as soon as possible. The treatment of the TB infection is the same as for anyone testing positive for LTBI. Once you've completed the medicine, you've dramatically decreased your chances of suffering from active TB disease.

Broome County Health Department offers HIV counseling and testing free of charge. Call 607.778.2839 to schedule an appointment. The results take about two weeks to return.

There are two types of testing: Confidential and Anonymous

Confidential: You are a registered client of the BCHD, the test results have your name on them and are retained in your chart. You may get a copy for your own use whether personal or for immigration purposes. The testing, the results and the chart are all done in a highly confidential manner.

Anonymous: You are not a registered client of the BCHD, the test results do not have your name on them and are not retained. You cannot get a copy. You cannot use the anonymous testing for immigration purposes. All idenification is done with an individualized code number. Special arrangements are required for this kind of testing.