Local Emergency Planning Committee

Broome County LEPC Officers

Chair - Pamela Rexer

Vice Chair - Michael Bender

Recorder- Cortnianne Brienza

Broome County LEPC Sub-Committees

Public Safety

Health, Human, and Animal Needs


The Broome County LEPC meets the third Thursday of the month, every other month. 

2024 LEPC schedule is at 1pm on- February 15, April 18, June 20, August 15, October 17, and December 19, 2024

Meetings are open to the public at 153 Lt. Van Winkle Drive in Binghamton, NY with the option to zoom. 

For virtual meeting information please contact us.


Meeting Agendas and Minutes


February 15th, 2024- Agenda| Minutes

April 18th, 2024- Agenda| Minutes

June 20th, 2024- Agenda| Minutes

August 15th, 2024- Agenda| Minutes

October 17th, 2024- Agenda| Minutes

December 19th, 2024- Agenda| Minutes


16FEB2023- Agenda| Minutes

20APR2023- Agenda| Minutes

15JUN2023- Agenda| Minutes

17AUG2023- Agenda| Minutes

19OCT2023- Agenda| Minutes

21DEC2023- Agenda| Minutes


17FEB2022 Agenda | Minutes

21APR2022- Agenda Cancelled due to snow storm

16JUN2022 Agenda | Minutes

18AUG2022 Agenda |Minutes

20OCT2022 Agenda | Minutes

15DEC2022- Agenda| Minutes


2/18/2021 Agenda | Minutes

4/15/2021 Agenda | Minutes

6/17/2021 Agenda | Minutes

8/19/2021 Agenda | Minutes

10/21/2021 Agenda | Minutes

12/16/2021 Agenda | Minutes


February 20, 2020 Agenda | Minutes

June 18, 2020       Agenda | Minutes


February 21, 2019  Agenda | Minutes

April 18, 2019  Agenda | Minutes

June 20, 2019 - Agenda | Minutes

August 15, 2019 - Agenda | Minutes

October 17, 2019 - Agenda | Minutes

December 19, 2019 - Agenda | Minutes


Prior meeting agendas and minutes are available upon request, please contact the Broome County Office of Emergency Services.


Tier II Reporting

Broome County accepts both paper and ePlan submissions of Tier II reports.


NYS 209-U Reporting Requirements

NYS General Municipal Law Section 209-U "Notification of Presence of Hazardous Materials" has disclosure requirements independent of the Tier II reporting process.

The text of this law can be found here: https://www.nysenate.gov/legislation/laws/GMU/209-U

The 209-U reporting form can be found here: http://www.dhses.ny.gov/ofpc/documents/forms/hm209uc.pdf