PE10: Engage in an evolving process of climate action.

PE10 Action: GHG Tracking System

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PE10 Action: Annual Progress Report

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PE10 Action: Updates to Strategies & Plans

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In order to move forward with climate smart initiatives it is important to establish partnerships with other local communities and organizations that are working toward common goals. This helps us to share information and resources, and generally work together. By doing this we can monitor and report on progress toward achieving goals, engage with community members on an ongoing basis as part of considering new ideas and modifying strategies as opportunities emerge and technologies evolve, update strategies and plans, and share success stories.

The Broome County Environmental Management Council that serves as the Climate Smart Communities Task Force, was established with the idea of bringing together the public, County officials, local municipal representatives, and other environmental oriented organizations and institutions. In addition, Broome County has partnerships through other organizations that work toward climate smart goals and objectives.

Some of the groups and organizations that Broome County leads, contributes to, and is a partner in include:

  • Broome-Tioga Stormwater Coalition
  • Broome County Flood Task Force
  • Southern Tier 8 Regional Planning Development Board
  • Binghamton Metropolitan Transportation Study