PE3: Decrease energy use

PE3 Action: Government Building Energy Audits

8-16 Points

Bronze Priority     Silver Priority 


PE3 Action: Interior Lighting Upgrades

1-5 Points


PE3 Action: HVAC Upgrades

1-5 Points


PE3 Action: Water-efficient Fixtures

1-4 Points


PE3 Action: Building Energy Management System

1-5 Points


PE3 Action: Benchmarking- Municipal Buildings

2-4 Points


PE3 Action: Clean Energy Upgrades

10 Points


PE3 Action: Green Building Standard for Government Buildings

2-5 Points


PE3 Action: Green Building Certification

15 Points


PE3 Action: Fleet Inventory

4 Points


PE3 Action: Fleet Efficiency Policy

2-3 Points


PE3 Action: Fleet Rightsizing

1-3 Points


PE3 Action: Advanced Vehicles

2-10 Points


PE3 Action: LED Street Lights

4-12 Points


PE3 Action: LED Traffic Signals

1-4 Points


PE3 Action: Outdoor Lighting Reduction

1-4 Points


PE3 Action: Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Policy

1-4 Points


PE3 Action: Financing Mechanism for Governmental Energy Projects

5 Points


PE3 Action: Waste & Energy Provisions in Government Contracts

1-3 Points


PE3 Action: Incentives for Employee Carpooling & Transit

1-3 Points


PE3 Action: Energy Code Enforcement Training

5 Points


These efforts help to reduce energy demand in public facilities, infrastructure, and vehicle fleets, and maximize energy efficiency across municipal operations. Through these actions Broome County can lead by example, reducing emissions and saving taxpayer dollars.  

Energy Audits

  • Performed building energy audits at Broome County Office Building, Public Safety Facility, Veterans Memorial Arena, Courthouse energy annex, Transportation Garage, Greater Binghamton Airport, Forum, Library, Harpursville Senior Center and DPW Garage

Energy Management System

  • Utilize a building energy management system at Broome County Office Building, Veterans Memorial Arena, Courthouse, Transit, Greater Binghamton Airport, Forum, Library, and Whitney Point Senior Center.

Energy Benchmarking

  • Establish a policy for energy benchmarking for government buildings