PE4: Shift to clean, renewable energy

PE4 Action: Green Power Procurement Policy

2-4 Points


PE4 Action: Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies

3-5 Points


PE4 Action: Renewable Energy Certificates

2-12 Points


PE4 Action: Heat Pumps

9-22 Points


PE4 Action: Solar Energy Installation

9-20 Points


PE4 Action: Power Purchase Agreement for Renewables 

9-20 Points


PE4 Action: Wind Energy Installation

9-20 Points


PE4 Action: Wood Pellet Installation

6-17 Points


PE4 Action: County-hosted Trainings

3-15 Points


Actions under this element include policies to power government operations with clean energy, studies to examine the feasibility of renewable energy, and implementation of renewable energy projects. 

Broome County Solar Array

Large scale solar farm in Conklin.

Broome County Library

Solar panels on roof.

Greater Binghamton Airport

Geothermal heating for runway.

Large scale solar farm at airport.