PE6: Implement climate-smart land use.

PE6 Action: Comprehensive Plan with Sustainability Elements

3 Points

Bronze Priority      Silver Priority 


PE6 Action: Smart Growth Policies

1-10 Points


PE6 Action: Unified Solar Permit

5 Points


PE6 Action: NYStretch Energy Code

10 Points


PE6 Action: Green Building Ordinance

1-6 Points


PE6 Action: Policies for Local Food Systems

1-4 Points


PE6 Action: GreenLITES

6-15 Points


PE6 Action: Complete Streets Policy

4 Points

Bronze Priority      Silver Priority


PE6 Action: Planning for Biking and Walking

3 Points


PE6 Action: Alternative-fuel Infrastructure

4-18 Points

Bronze Priority      Silver Priority


PE6 Action: Access to Public Transit

1-9 Points


PE6 Action: Safe Routes to School 

3 Points


PE6 Action: Traffic Calming

3-7 Points


PE6 Action: Natural Resources Inventory

8-10 Points

Bronze Priority      Silver Priority 


PE6 Action: Zoning for Protection of Natural Areas

4-6 Points


Comprehensive Plan 

Broome County Comprehensive Plan includes a number of sustainability elements. Sustainability elements integrated into the plan include encouraging alternative transportation, smart-growth land use policies, natural resources conservation, healthy and safe communities, equity, energy efficiency and renewable energy, water resource conservation and local foods. Click here for a summary of the sustainability elements of the comprehensive plan. 

Natural Resources Inventory

The Broome County Environmental Management Council and staff from the Department of Planning and Economic Development have developed the Broome County Natural Resources Inventory. This document takes stock of the County's natural resources and the benefits they provide. It provides a framework to guide policy, planning, management and development decisions in a manner that preserves the environmental, economic and social benefits and services that our local natural resources provide.

Regional Farmers Market


Community Gardens


Two Rivers Greenway