PE8: Support a green innovation economy.

PE8 Action: Green Jobs Training

3 Points


PE8 Action: Green Vendors

2 Points


PE8 Action: Green Economic Development Plans

4 Points


PE8 Action: Farmers' Markets

3 Points


PE8 Action: Buy Local/Buy Green Campaign

2 Points


PE8 Action: Brownfield Clean-up & Redevelopment

1-18 Points


PE8 Action: Incentives for Green Business

4 Points


PE8 Action: Benchmarking - Large Private Buildings

12 Points


PE8 Action: PACE Financing

7, 8, 15 Points


PE8 Action: Community Choice Aggregation

12-33 Points


PE8 Action: Rooftop Solarize Campaign

3 Points


PE8 Action: Community Campaigns

3, 6, 9, 12 Points


Lead and support the transition to a green economy by incorporating climate action and sustainability into economic development plans. Promote local green industries and offer incentives for supporting them. Adopt policies that support residents and businesses in being energy-efficient. Invest in green jobs training, farmers' markets, and brownfield redevelopment.

  • Regional Farmers Market Feasibility Study
  • Support of BC Regional Farmers Market
  • Buy Local campaigns (both Broome Is Good campaign from The Agency and Broome Buys cards)
  • Brownfield cleanup projects
  • CPACE/Energize NY financing program