Broome County GASB 45 Citizens Task Force

Broome County government is required by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) to quantify and publish the character and magnitude of its unfunded post-employment obligations (primarily retiree health insurance). This requirement is set fourth by GASB Statement No. 45. One of the most significant issues facing Broome County government is the constantly escalating cost of health care coverage for our employees, their families, and our retirees. GASB 45 requires governments, such as Broome County, to report the total projected cost for post-employment health benefits for current employees as well as retirees.

Mark Whalen, former Chairman of the Broome County Legislature and in cooperation with the County Executive, Barbara Fiala, formed the Broome County GASB 45 Citizens Task Force. This Task Force examined the enormity of this very complex issue and developed recommendations for the Legislature to consider for managing this unfunded post-employment obligation.

The Broome County GASB 45 Citizens Task Force was comprised of private citizens, who are experts in the fields of finance, government, and insurance; Representatives of the Broome County Legislature; and an internal team of members from the County's Law, Risk and Insurance, Personal, Budget, and Finance departments.

The Broome County GASB 45 Citizens Task Force Members

  • Honorable Mark R. Whalen
  • Honorable Jerry F. Marinich
  • Honorable Brian K. Mather
  • Mr. John Fitzsimmons
  • Mr. Alan Hertel
  • Mr. Vincent Pasquale
  • Ms. Donna Rider

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