Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Through a grant from New York State, the Broome County Health Department's Lead Primary Prevention Program is able to help local property owners identify potential lead hazards in their properties, and aid them in correcting the hazards in a lead-safe way.

Lead is a concern for both children and adults, but this program is intended for homes where young children (under 6 years) and pregnant women either live or visit. They are the most at risk for permanent damage from lead.

Lead is toxic, and poisoning is usually caused by microscopic lead dust that settles on surfaces when paint in older housing is deteriorated (chipping, peeling, cracking, chalking). This dust can get on a child's hands and toys, and is easily ingested during normal hand-to-mouth activity. Even a small amount of lead can harm a child, and its effects are permanent. It is extremely important to fix lead hazards before children are exposed.

Our program offers:

  • FREE lead safety educational materials
  • FREE lead hazard screenings of eligible housing
  • FREE advice from an EPA certified Risk Assessor on how to control lead hazards cheaply and effectively
  • FREE use of a HEPA vacuum through our Cornell Cooperative Extension loaner program
  • FREE EPA Lead Renovator training for eligible property owners, managers and maintenance personnel
  • Some FREE lead-safe work supplies (primer, brushes, cleaning supplies, protective equipment) per eligible housing unit
  • One FREE property clearance test per unit after lead hazard control work is finished

Please call the Division of Environmental Health at 607.778.2847 for more information!

Free Lead Testing Pilot Program

This state program is through the New York State Department of Health. This pilot program is available to residents who are served by either a private well or public water system and it provides them with an opportunity to have their residential drinking water tested for free.

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For Families:

For Property Owners, Contractors & Maintenance Personnel:

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The EPA's New Lead-Safe Certification Program and The Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule

See Important Information for Contractors About Lead

The EPA's Remodeling, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule became Federal Law as of April 22nd, 2010. It applies to anyone doing window replacement or disturbing paint (more than 6 square feet of interior paint or 20 square feet of exterior paint) in a pre-1978 home for compensation, including rent, such as painters, contractors, maintenance personnel, landlords, plumbers, etc.

The rule states that any individual disturbing paint as described above must be trained as an EPA Lead Renovator (8 hours), or must be given on-the-job-training by someone who is a Lead Renovator. The renovation company (even just a single person) must also be “Firm Certified” through the EPA. Firm certification for a renovation company involves submitting an application to the EPA, and costs $300. The training and firm certifications are good for 5 years.

A renovation job may be exempt from the rule if the home has been tested by an EPA certified Lead Inspector or Risk Assessor, and has been found to contain no lead-based paint.

Single-family homeowners who do not have tenants are also exempt. However, everyone should use safe work practices, especially if they have young children.

This law is ultimately the responsibility of the EPA.

For more information, call:

1.800.424.LEAD (5323)

Or visit their website at: www.epa.gov/lead

EPA Lead Renovator Training Options are available in the following locations:

Johnson City, Syracuse, Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Utica, NYC:

1. Susquehanna County Career and Technology Center

Classes held 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Broome County Health Department

2. Environmental Education Associates
585.783.1465 x238

Courses in Johnson City may not always be available to view on the website, but they are held on a monthly basis. You can get on a waiting list for upcoming classes by calling the number above. The 8 hour course costs $195, and the 4 hour refresher course is $135.


3. CNY Environmental Institute

The 8 hour course costs $135, and the 4 hour refresher is $90. They have many available dates on their website under “course calendar.”


4. Link Environmental Services Incorporated

The 8 hour course costs $175. Go to the website under "training" for more information.

Another alternative, with locations around New York State, is the Connor Institute:


This full day course costs $175, and is offered occasionally. Search for courses on the website for details, dates and locations.