Ad Hoc and Special Committee Documents

2021 Ad Hoc Committee on Redistricting

Committee Formation Notice

Revised Committee Formation Notice (12.16.21)

Meeting Notices Meeting Agendas Meeting Minutes
11.17.21 Meeting Notice 11.17.21 Meeting Agenda 11.17.21 Meeting Minutes
11.23.21 Meeting Notice 11.23.21 Meeting Agenda 11.23.21 Meeting Minutes
11.30.21 Meeting Notice

No Meeting Agenda

11.30.21 Meeting Minutes
12.7.21 Meeting Notice 12.7.21 Meeting Agenda

12.7.21 Meeting Minutes

12.14.21 Meeting Notice 12.14.21 Meeting Agenda 12.14.21 Meeting Minutes
12.21.21 Meeting Notice 12.21.21 Meeting Agenda 12.21.21 Meeting Minutes
12.28.21 Meeting Notice 12.28.21 Meeting Agenda 12.28.21 Meeting Minutes

12.27.21 Public Hearing Notice

Draft Standards for Redistricting (2011 Criteria)

Broome County Legislature Redistricting Application (GIS app)

New York State Standards for County Redistricting (NYS Municipal Home Rule Law, Article 4, Section 34, Subsection 4)

Instructions for Ad Hoc Committee Members to Submit Maps (The map submission deadline is Thursday, December 16th at 5:00 PM)

Draft Maps Submitted GIS Redistricting App files
Draft Map 1 (PDF file) Draft Map 1 (.MAP file)
Draft Map 2 (PDF file) Draft Map 2 (.MAP file)
Draft Map 3 (PDF file) Draft Map 3 (.MAP file)
Draft Map 4 (PDF file) Draft Map 4 (.MAP file)
Draft Map 5 (PDF file) Draft Map 5 (.MAP file)

**Please note that the Broome County Legislature Redistricting Application (GIS app) now has the draft maps available directly in the app. After loading it, you may select one of the draft maps in the drop-down menu on the far right of the toolbar.**

If you wish to still view the .MAP file, download the file to your device, and open the Redistricting application from GIS. When the application has loaded, click the yellow filing cabinet icon in the top left, choose the .MAP file you wish to open from where it is saved on your device and open the file. This will allow for greater viewing and zoom capabilities on the different draft maps.

1.3.22 Chairman Reynolds Ad Hoc Recommendation Letter

Maps recommended by the Ad Hoc Committee

Broome County All Districts Legislative District 1 Legislative District 2 Legislative District 3
Legislative District 4 Legislative District 5 Legislative District 6 Legislative District 7
Legislative District 8 Legislative District 9 Legislative District 10 Legislative District 11
Legislative District 12 Legislative District 13 Legislative District 14 Legislative District 15

*Public comments may be submitted and shared with the Ad Hoc Committee by sending an email here.*

Former Ad Hoc Committees & Advisory Boards

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