Broome County Promise Zone: A county-wide initiative that combines the Systems of Care framework and a Community School mindset utilizing the model of University-Assisted Community Schools through Binghamton University Community Schools (BUCS). The unique partnership, involving Broome County Mental Health, Broome Tioga BOCES and local school districts, provides support and development of Community Schools to the 13 public school districts in Broome County.

The mission is to build, through the organization of resources in the community, a countywide system that supports all children, families and neighborhoods in pursuit of success in school, work and in life irrespective of income or other barriers.

Promise Zone Priorities


Increasing Family
Engagement in School
and the Community


Improving Attendance
and School Participation
for Students


Increasing Access
to Community Services
for Students & Families



Increasing Family
Engagement in School
and the Community

For more information, contact (607) 778-2351