Younger Driver Safety

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens.  Younger drivers are more likely to drive distracted or impaired and less likely to wear their seat belt.  Additionally, younger drivers tend to overload the vehicle, which increases their crash risk significantly.  The Broome County Traffic Safety Program takes a multidisciplinary approach to addressing these issues by raising awareness about New York's Graduated Licensing Laws and educating young drivers about risky driving behaviors.




"Just Drive" Presentations:

The "Hang Up, Buckle Up, Stay Sober and Just Drive" program is designed for high- school aged students who are new behind the wheel.  This presentation introduces students to the deadly hazards of younger drivers and specifically focuses on distracted driving, impaired driving and safety belt use.  Students learn about the dangers of unsafe driving behaviors through an interactive trivia game.  We typically present to high school health classes or SADD group however presentations can be tailored to any group size and setting. 

Call or email to schedule a program! (607)778-2807 or Christine.Muss@BroomeCounty.US 


Annual Teen Traffic Safety Day Event

The overall goal of Teen Traffic Safety Day is to reduce the number of teens injured or killed in motor vehicle crashes by addressing areas of concern such as impaired driving, distracted driving and lack of seat belt use.  High school students from Broome County and beyond have an opportunity to participate in a full day of fun yet educational traffic safety activities and speakers.  The event has grown tremendously in the last six years with 20 school districts and over 600 students attending last year.  

If your school is interested in participating, please contact Christine Muss at (607) 778-2807 or Christine.Muss@BroomeCounty.US

Check out our event video on YouTube