Landfill Tipping Fees

Landfill Tip Fee Pricing and Accepted Materials 

Tip fees are prorated by weight and material type.  A complete listing of tip fees and materials accepted are listed in the Landfill User Guide. You must be a Broome County resident and able to show proof of residency. 

Household Garbage: $45/ton; Minimum fee $5

Leaves & Yardwaste: $20/ton; Minimum fee $5

Tires: rim size up to 20": $3/tire
up to 15 tires              

Freon Units: $10/unit

rim size over 20" or more than 15 tires:  $165/ton

*Can be on or off rims*

Bulk Metals*: $45/ton; Minimum fee $5

*Includes large appliances (washers, dryers, stoves, and microwaves)

Clean Fill: $45/ton;

Minimum fee $5

C&D: $45/ton; Minimum fee $5

Friable Asbestos: Call 607.763.4450

Contaminated Soil: Call 607.778.2932

Please Note: Credit cards are not accepted; cash or check only.    
No out of county waste accepted.