2020 Unofficial Bid Results

Broome County has not checked the tabulation for errors or made determination that any bids meet the requirements. The County makes no claim that these are anything other than the prices extended and read aloud at the public bid opening.


Unofficial Bid Results

Bid Opening Date

Bid Number


12/16/2020 2020-047 North Sanford Rd Bridget Replacement
11/18/2020 RFB 2020-044 Transportation of Raw or Treated Leachate
2/19/2020 2020-009 Purchase of Utility Vehicles
2/5/2020 20-06 Lease to Own Golf Course Grounds Equipment
2/5/2020 20-05 Purchase & Delivery of Pesticides, Plant Growth Regulators & Grass seed for the Enjoie Golf Course
2/5/2020 20-03 BC Bridge Wearing Surface & Membrane Replacement Maintenance
2/5/2020 20-02 Replacement of Colesville Rd(CR52) Bridge over Duell Creek
1/29/2020 20-04 Processing & Marketing of Single Stream Recyclables & Bulky Rigid Plastics
1/8/2020 2019-119 Inmate Clothing and Supplies
1/8/2020 2019-116 Copiers, Fine and Other Papers



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