EMT and AEMT Field Internship Sites



 EMT and AEMT Field Internship Sites and Contact Persons

Updated 9/16/2014

All required field internship experience in connection with Original EMT and AEMT courses sponsored by the Broome County Office of Emergency Services shall take place at the following sites. The level(s) of certification to which internship may take place at each site, along with the contact for the purposes of the field internship affiliation, are listed for each.


1       Apalachin Fire Department Emergency 230 Pennsylvania Ave., Apalachin, NY 13732. EMT-Basic; AEMT-I, CC, P. Mike George, Chief (607) 624-8304.

2       Berkshire Emergency Squad, Inc. 9 Park St, Newark Valley, NY, 13811. EMT-Basic; AEMT-I, CC, P. Chris DeWilde, EMT-P, Operations Manager. (607) 642-3451.

3       Binghamton Fire Department 38 Hawley Street, Binghamton, NY, 13901. EMT-Basic; AEMT-I, CC, P. Capt. John C. Colling, EMT-P, ALS Supervisor. (607) 772-7128.

4       Broome Volunteer Emergency Squad, Inc. 261 Court St., PO Box 599, Binghamton, NY, 13902. EMT-Basic; AEMT-I, CC, P. Harold "Skip" Brown, EMT-P, ALS Supervisor. (607) 772-6565.

5       Chenango Ambulance Services, Inc., 1135 Upper Front St., Binghamton, NY 13901. EMT-Basic; AEMT-I, CC, P. Shawn Skinner, EMT-P, ALS Supervisor. (607) 722-8747, Fax (607) 722-4959.

6       Colesville Volunteer Ambulance Service, Inc. 28 King Rd, Harpursville NY 13787. EMT-Basic; AEMT-I, and CC. Steven C. Brown, EMT-CC, ALS Supervisor. (607) 693-3379.

7       Deposit Fire Department Emergency Squad, 130 Second Street, Deposit, NY 13754. EMT-Basic EMT only. Kim Dermitt, EMS Captain (C)727-9524.

8       Greater Valley Emergency Medical Services, Inc. 904 N. Lehigh Avenue, Sayre, PA 18840. EMT-Basic only. Erin Covey, EMT-B; Phone: (570) 888 – 6000 ext. 227; Fax: (570) 888 – 1219

9       Greene Emergency Squad, Inc. 30 Birdsall Street. Greene New York 13778. EMT-Basic; AEMT-I, CC, P. Rich Barner, BS, NREMT-P, ALS Supervisor. 607-725-4446.

10  Harpurs Ferry Student Volunteer Ambulance Service, Ltd. PO Box 2000, Binghamton, NY 13902. EMT-Basic; AEMT-I, CC, P. Wayne Schneider, EMT-P, ALS Supervisor (607) 723-6526.

11  Maine Emergency Squad, PO Box 157, Maine, NY 13802. EMT-Basic; AEMT-I, CC, P. John Glover, EMT-P, ALS Supervisor. (607) 862-3615.

12  Owego Fire Department Emergency Squad. 87 North Avenue, Owego, NY 13827. EMT-Basic; AEMT-I, CC, P. Paul L. Cole, EMT-CC, ALS Supervisor (607) 972-7751.

13  Superior Ambulance Service, Inc. 46 Exchange Street, Binghamton, NY 13901. EMT-Basic; AEMT-I, CC, P. James L. Dean, EMT-P, ALS Supervisor. (607) 772-1458.

14  Union Volunteer Emergency Squad, Inc. PO Box 8626, Endwell, NY 13762. EMT-Basic; AEMT-I, CC, P. Danielle Griswold, EMT-P, ALS Supervisor (607) 754-3414, ext. 3.

15  Vestal Volunteer Emergency Squad, 324 Myrtle St., Vestal, NY 13850. EMT-Basic; AEMT-I, CC, P. Steve Magargle, EMT-P, ALS Supervisor. (607) 748-6618.

16  Windsor Fire Department Emergency Squad., PO Box 179, Windsor, NY 13865. EMT-Basic; AEMT-I, CC, P. Steven C. Brown, EMT-CC, ALS Supervisor, (607) 655-1462.