Financial and Textbook Policies for EMS Courses



Financial and Textbook Policies for Emergency Medical Services Courses

Effective August 20, 2018


The following schedule of Course Tuition is effective August 20, 2018, and is subject to change without notice:

Course Level and Type

Course Tuition


With EMS Affiliation1

Without EMS Affiliation2           

Certified First Responder Original



Certified First Responder Refresher



Basic EMT Original



Basic EMT Refresher



Advanced EMT (AEMT) Original



Advanced EMT (AEMT) Refresher



AEMT-Critical Care Refresher



AEMT-Paramedic Refresher



1. These rates apply to those students who can demonstrate EMS agency affiliation as follows:

· For BLS (CFR, EMT-B) courses, volunteer or paid members of not-for-profit, municipal, commercial, or hospital-based ambulance or eligible first response agencies (with active, valid NYS EMS agency code).

· For ALS (AEMT, CC, P) courses, volunteer or paid members of ALS (at or above the level of the course) not-for-profit, municipal, commercial, or hospital-based ambulance or eligible ALS first response agencies (with active, valid NYS EMS agency code).

· For these rates to apply, the student’s agency affiliation must be in place at the beginning of the course, and be verified on a completed and signed NYS DOH form DOH-3312 (Verification of Membership in an EMS Agency). Refer to NYS EMS Policy #20-01 for clarification about agency affiliations and State funding eligibility.

2. These rates apply to students who cannot demonstrate EMS agency affiliation as above, or whose agency is not willing to certify their affiliation on the required NYS DOH forms. 

Tuition does NOT include required textbooks or applicable fees (see following sections for requirements and costs), or required pre-clinical health examination, immunizations, or other health treatments, which the student may be determined to need during the health examination. These are the financial responsibility of the student and/or his/her EMS agency (as determined by individual EMS agency policy).


Students participating in any level or type of EMS course sponsored by this Office are required to have one (1) “pocket “ resuscitation mask with one-way patient/rescuer isolation valve, and inlet for use with supplemental oxygen, in good, clean, and usable condition. Students or their affiliated EMS agency may supply this item, or students may purchase one from the sponsor for $10.00. Students must possess this item during the entire course.

3.0    PARKING FEES (Binghamton University Campus Only)

Students enrolled in courses meeting on the Binghamton University campus are required by the University to purchase, at their own expense, a parking permit that is valid for the duration of the course. Contact University Parking Services (607-777-2279) for information and rates, or visit: .

4.0    BUILDING ACCESS PASS DEPOSIT (Broome County Public Safety Facility Courses Only)

Students enrolled in courses meeting at the Broome County Public Safety Facility are required to deposit $10.00 for the use of a building access pass (proximity card), which will allow the student to enter this secure facility during the scheduled dates and times of the course. This deposit will be returned to the student at the conclusion of the course, upon the student’s return of the access pass in good and usable condition (as determined by Broome County EMS). Loss of or damage to this pass will result in the forfeiture of the original deposit to cover the cost of replacing the pass, and will require the student to deposit an additional $10.00 for a replacement access pass.

5.0     FISDAP FEE (Advanced EMT Original Students Only)

A fee of $84 is charged for the use of the FISDAP on-line clinical and field internship scheduling and tracking system. This will be paid directly to FISDAP by the student in an on-line transaction, and requires the use of a credit or debit card. This fee is required of all AEMT-Original course students, and is non-waiveable.


Students desiring an optional Professional Rescuer CPR certification card (which NYS does NOT require be issued) to signify their successful attainment of national standard CPR/AED knowledge and skills within an EMS course, or who later require the replacement of a lost card, will be charged $5 per card to cover our cost for providing this ancillary certificate.


The textbooks required, for each course requiring textbooks, are listed below.  All students enrolled in courses are required to have unrestricted access to a copy of the specified edition of each required textbook, for the duration of the course. Textbooks are NOT furnished by the EMS Education Program, but may be purchased directly from the publisher (see contact information in required book list).  Students may also purchase or borrow books from a former student in a previous course.  Current students may NOT share textbooks.  The required edition of each textbook is listed below: 

Level & Type of Course




Certified First Responder Original & Refresher

Emergency Medical Responder: First on Scene, Chris Le Baudour, J. David Bergeron, Gloria Bizjak, Keith Wesley




Basic EMT Original

Prehospital Emergency Care, 11th Ed. Mistovich/Karren.



Basic EMT Refresher

Transition Series: Topics for the EMT, Daniel J. Limmer, Joseph J. Mistovich



Advanced EMT (AEMT) & Critical Care Original & Refresher

Advanced Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured (3rd ed. Edition) by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, with Navigate 2 Advantage Access




Paramedic Refresher

Transition Series: Topics for the EMT, Daniel A. Batsie, Daniel J. Limmer, Joseph J. Mistovich




            All applicable tuition and fees are due, IN FULL, by the first class session, unless other arrangements have been made, IN ADVANCE, with the EMS Office.  EMS agencies or other employers wishing to pay costs for their members or employees must furnish the EMS Office, IN ADVANCE, with an official letter indicating which individuals they are accepting financial responsibility for, and for what course(s).  Installment contracts are available to individuals with financial hardships. The student MUST pay for books before or upon their receipt.  Failure to make payment as specified above (or as agreed to in an installment contract) will result in loss of the student’s place in the course, and/or the student’s not being permitted to complete the course through participation in final practical skills and written examinations.


Students who have enrolled in and begun tuition-bearing EMS courses for which the tuition has been paid, who choose to withdraw from such courses for any reason, are entitled to refunds of tuition paid according to the following schedule (percentage expressed is of total tuition paid):

  1. During First Week of the Course


  1. During Second Week of the Course


  1. During Third Week of the Course


  1. During Fourth Week of the Course


  1. After Fourth Week of the Course


Students wishing to withdraw from a course are advised to notify the EMS Office, IN WRITING, AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE, accompanied by a request for a refund.  All refunds will be based upon the date of receipt of this written notification.  Refunds will be made directly to sponsoring EMS agencies that have paid tuition costs. Students withdrawing from courses (or their sponsoring agencies) are NOT entitled to any refund for the return of books purchased for that course.