COVID-19 Gym & Fitness Center Inspection Information

On Monday, August 17, 2020, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced gyms and fitness centers across the state can reopen to the public starting next Monday, August 24. Local health departments must inspect the facilities before or within two weeks of the gym/fitness center opening to ensure compliance. For information on how the Broome County Health Department will conduct these inspections see below. 

List of Steps Gyms & Fitness Centers Must Go Through For Reopening in Broome County 

  • Read through the NY Forward guidance for gyms & fitness centers and submit online affirmation.
  • Fill out and submit to the Broome County Health Department, the NY Forward Safety Plan.
    • In Section IV they should include information about changes in class schedules/sizes, how people will sign up for classes, and activities performed in classes.
    • They should also list the name(s) and phone numbers of the designated onsite safety monitor(s) for the establishment that will be responsible for ensuring the safety plan is adhered to in the Human Resources Representative section.
  • Along with the safety plan they will need to supply their HVAC system documentation and their current MERV rating, as well as information about any renovations they will be doing to the system to be in compliance and the contractor that will be doing it.
  • When they send in the above information to the Broome County Health Department they should also provide an emergency contact person with an after-hours phone number in the event of a positive case being in the facility.
  • Please send all information to Joshua Phelps, Director of Environmental Health, at
  • When the information has been reviewed the facility will receive a call to schedule an inspection of the facility or perform one if the facility is already open.

Contact Information:

If you have any questions, please contact Joshua M. Phelps, Director of Environmental Health at the Broome County Health Department, at Josh.Phelps@BroomeCounty.US or (607) 778-2859.