For Third Year in a Row, County Executive Jason Garnar Proposes Tax Cut, Executive’s Recommended Budget Maintains All Critical Programs and Services

(BINGHAMTON, NY) Broome County Executive Jason Garnar presented his 2020 Executive Budget proposal this evening to members of the Broome County Legislature, county officials and residents via Zoom.
The County Executive detailed a $402 million recommended county budget. His plan includes a tax cut, reducing the county property tax levy by 0.1%. This is the third year in a row the Executive has recommended a tax cut in his budget plan. 

The County Executive also addressed his commitment to maintaining the critical services Broome County provides to taxpayers despite budget shortfalls this year due to COVID-19.
“In the face of one of the toughest challenges we have ever seen, the COVID-19 pandemic, my 2021 Executive Budget shows my continued commitment to our Broome County finances,” said County Executive Garnar. “We are working to continue to provide the taxpayers of Broome County the services they depend on, now more than ever. In 2020 our County Departments had to step up to find new ways to serve our community and have shown how critically important these services are.”
The 2021 proposed budget maintains the many county services and programs that have played a vital role in the County’s ability to lead the response to COVID-19.

Garnar’s budget also includes an increased investment in public safety with the addition of two positions at the Office of Emergency Services, one dedicated to supporting the current COVID-19 response efforts.  

“I thank the members of the County Legislature and my colleagues in county and local government for their shared commitment to serving our Broome County residents, especially during these difficult times” said Garnar. “I look forward to working with the Legislature in the coming weeks as we move toward adopting this budget for 2021.”

County Executive Garnar’s recommended 2021 budget now goes to the Broome County Legislature for review and approval this fall.

Publish Date
September 10, 2020