The Senior Helpers Program

The Senior Helpers Program is a job matching service.  Anyone can request to hire a Senior Helper - there is no age or income requirement.  To become a Senior Helper (person available for hire), one must live in Broome County and be at least 55 years of age.

Do You Need Work?

  • For more information: Becoming a Worker through the Senior Helpers Program 
  • Call the Senior Helpers Program to register for work. We will interview you and get all the information needed to match you with the job orders on file.
  • You can call the Senior Helpers Program (607.778.6105) and we will mail you an application, or you can download one here. You can mail the completed application (and a photocopy of your proof of age) to:
    Broome County Office for Aging
    PO Box 1766
    Binghamton, NY 13902 
  • If you have skills such as housekeeping, gardening, painting, carpentry, shopping, personal care, maintenance, driving, etc. you are matched with employers who need assistance with these tasks.
  • The jobs range from one-time or short-term assignments to long-term placements.
  • Wages are negotiated between you and your employer.

Do You Need Work Done?

  • For more information: Hiring a Worker through the Senior Helpers Program.  The Senior Helpers Program helps older individuals continue to live in their homes (houses or apartments) by helping them with the chores they can no longer do for themselves.
  • Call the Senior Helpers Program and list your job opening. We will ask you for all the information needed to match your job with a worker's skills.
  • Typical Senior Helper jobs include:
    • A one-time assignment painting a room
    • A short-term job repairing broken steps
    • A short-term job helping with personal care for someone just out of the hospital
    • An on-going assignment in lawn mowing and yard work
    • A long-term housekeeping or personal-care job
  • Wages are negotiated between you and your employee.

There is no charge for the Senior Helpers Program referral services. Contributions, however, are accepted. You will not be denied service due to your inability to contribute.

The Senior Helpers Program is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to noon. For information, call the Senior Helpers Program at 607.778.6105.


Hiring the Help You Need is a publication which explains an employer's responsibilities and provides sample contracts and other tools.  More detailed information is available from the Internal Revenue Service, Publication 926:  Household Employers Tax Guide, and from the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance, Publication 27:  What You Need to Know if You Hire Household Help.