• Medicaid is a comprehensive health care benefit that may include coverage for:
    • Some prescription drugs
    • Physician services
    • Dental and vision services
    • Hospitalizations
    • Nursing home stays
    • Medical transportation
    • Home care
  • Medicaid is a form of medical insurance coverage that is in addition to Medicare and other private medical insurance. Medicaid may cover medical bills that Medicare does not cover.
  • You may receive Medicaid if you are within certain income and resource guidelines. Medicaid is for individuals with low income and low resources. The income and resource guidelines change periodically.
  • The Medicaid Spenddown Program may enable persons with higher income and high medical expenses to obtain benefits after the eligible person has “spent down” his/her “excess income” to the Medicaid income level.
  • Medicaid may pay all of the monthly Medicare Part B premiums for low and moderate-income Medicare beneficiaries through the Medicare Savings Programs. To qualify, you must be enrolled in Medicare Part A, be eligible for Medicare Part B, and meet income  guidelines.

To apply, call the Department of Social Services at 607.778.1100 option 4

For additional resources, visit: The New York State Department of Health.

Those age 60 and older can call the Information and Assistance Line at 607.778.2411 for basic information about Medicaid.